Book Quiz!

Heya! Today I felt like creating a quiz. Of course it is all about books! I’m not sure if the quiz will be too easy but it’s just a bit of fun! All the answers can be found in my previous blog posts.

  1. What are the names of the two main characters in ‘Forever’ by Judy Blume?
  1. Katherine and Ralph
  2. Julia and Patrick
  3. Katherine and Michael
  1. Fill in the missing word of the title of this Cathy Hopkin’s book: _______ For a Broken Heart
  1. Playlist
  2. Songs
  3. Music
  1. Where is the fourth Million Dollar Mates book mainly set?b) Florida
  2. c) London
  3. a) India

4)   Who does America choose in ‘The Selection’?

  1. a) Aspen
  2. b) Maxon
  3. c) Carter

5)    Where does Bea tell Toph to meet her a year later in ‘Nobody’s Girl’?

  1. a) Pont Neuf
  2. b) London Bridge
  3. c) The Eiffel Tower

6)     Which Novella was written by Rebecca Serle?

  1. a) Star drops
  2. b) Ella
  3. c) Locked

7)     What game did Noah and Jude play in ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’?

  1. a) They divided up the world between them
  2. b) They took turns adding entries to their Grandma’s bible
  3. c) They tried to make pictures out of the stars

8)       How does ‘New Moon’ end?

  1. a) Bella punches Jacob
  2. b) Bella and Edward tell Charlie they are engaged
  3. c) Edward proposes to Bella

9)     What is Beth Reekles (author of The Kissing Booth) nationality?

  1. a) English
  2. b) Welsh
  3. c) American

10)   Who wrote ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging’?

  1. a) Samantha Mackintosh
  2.          b) Chris Higgins
  3. c) Louise Renninson



So I hope that quiz was ok! I might do some more in the future! Sorry I don’t know what happened to the formatting!

Love, Sydney


Hereafter Review

Hello! Today I am reviewing Hereafter by Tara Hudson. This is the first in a trilogy but I have only read the first one. I look forward to reading Afterrise and Elegy because I loved reading Hereafter

Can there truly be love after death?

Drifting in the dark waters of a mysterious river, the only thing Amelia knows for sure is that she’s dead. With no recollection of her past life—or her actual death—she’s trapped alone in a nightmarish existence. All of this changes when she tries to rescue a boy, Joshua, from drowning in her river. As a ghost, she can do nothing but will him to live. Yet in an unforgettable moment of connection, she helps him survive.

Amelia and Joshua grow ever closer as they begin to uncover the strange circumstances of her death and the secrets of the dark river that held her captive for so long. But even while they struggle to keep their bond hidden from the living world, a frightening spirit named Eli is doing everything in his power to destroy their newfound happiness and drag Amelia back into the ghost world . . . forever.

Let me start by saying- this wasn’t a stand out book for me, there are many other paranormal romance books out there that I love, but it was still an amazing book. As I’ve said in previous posts, I feel like most paranormal romance books these days are vampires Vs werewolves. I actually haven’t read any other books about ghosts or heard about any except for Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Anna Dressed in Blood sounds really good so I’m excited to read it in probably about two years to be honest. I have so many books to read but I always find myself doing something else! It was different and less predictable to read a ghost story. I don’t tend to have a problem with books being unoriginal because I like reading similar books but it’s nice to read something different every once in a while.

I like Amelia because she went on a journey and we only found out pieces of information about her past in different stages of the book. Strangely, for a person that doesn’t like reading the unknown, I enjoyed the mystery and suspense Hudson created in this novel. For me, the main point of the book was to unravel the mystery of Amelia’s past so I’m glad it was written in this way. Josh definitely added to the story. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without romance in. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there was anything from Josh’s point of view so that would be something nice to have in the rest of the trilogy. I don’t mind if it doesn’t happen- it’s just a thought. My rating for Hereafter is 4/5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It isn’t five stars because I rarely give out five stars to books. Five star books don’t exactly have anything in particular about them except I love romance so they need to have romance in them. Otherwise they’re just books that strongly resonate with me and have a wow factor.

Next week’s review is of one of these ‘wow factor’ books- I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I’ve already written this review and I’m SO excited to share it with you.

Love, Sydney

Jack and Jack Concert Review- Part 2


So to continue from last week’s post…

Jack and Jack:

Okay, so rant over and now onto Jack and Jack’s actual performance! Oh my god- the start was so so good! I don’t want to ruin the start of the show for anyone that hasn’t seen it but they did something awesome at the beginning. I’m not going to lie, I did get very emotional during the show and especially at the start. The Jacks came on to ‘Flights’ (my second favourite song), which was utterly magical. It was a really touching start for me because that’s the song they came on to for their first international show and the first show of theirs that I attended. It is amazing to think that now they are flying all over the world to perform.

I felt so proud of them because they had structured the show really well. To start with they did ‘How we livin’, ‘Shallow love’ and ‘RWYA’. I’m not sure if they did ‘RWYA’ last time but damn Gilinsky was back at it again with the body rolls. I loved the high energy start and then I loved how they did ‘Tides’ after. ‘Tides’ is my favourite song and it is always my favourite part of the concert because it feels like all of the fans connect in the room and of course with the boys on the stage; it is the song for the fans. Jack and Jack are always so appreciative of their fans; they are just such incredible people.

Afterwards they slowed it down and did a cover of ‘Again/One love’ as well as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Wrong One’. It was so chill I loved it! Especially when Gilinsky whipped out the guitar- my heart literally melted. Johnson on the keys was awesome as well- I can’t believe how talented they are. They then went into ‘Groove’ and I was hard-core dancing and rapping along. It is just such a good song and I think that was one of the best moments because it was so hype. I also loved ‘California’ and ‘Wild life’ because they carried on the ‘hypness’ if that’s a thing. I was so insanely happy the whole time! Apart from them performing ‘Tides’ the best part was their cover of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. It was absolutely wild when they brought the drums out- I could listen to their cover all day.

For the encore, they performed ‘Like that’, which was electric! I wish they’d done more songs in the encore because the show finished at half nine and I wanted to hear their cover of ‘Let’s do it again/Santeria’! Overall, another unforgettable experience- thank you Jack and Jack and their team!

Love, Sydney

Strings Poem

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing a short poem with you- I hope you enjoy it!


When night came,

A heavy blackness

Hid the sun,

Smothering wisps of white,

Obscuring rays of light.


Children were afraid

of the rigid dark

The dark. The dark that would not leave


So God plucked out

handfuls of light

Hanging them along the sky

Strings of stars began

to illuminate the night


Thank you!

Love, Sydney

Jack and Jack Concert Review- Part 1

Hello! I am so excited to be writing about my latest concert experience! I went to see Jack and Jack at Indigo2 in London (a smaller venue inside the O2) last week. Jack and Jack are my absolute favourites; the only things I love as much are my friends and family. Previously, I have met Jack and Jack and been to their concert twice but this time I couldn’t get meet and greet tickets. I divided my review into sections because there are probably parts people don’t want to read, so just check the subtitles! I am going to carry on this post next week.


This is probably quite weird but I think one of my favourite things about going to the concert was being able to buy merch! Before they haven’t had much merch and the shipping online is so expensive so it was actually really cool for them to finally have loads of merch. For anyone going to any of the shows in the rest of the European tour, this is the merch and prices: Wristband £5, poster £5, beanie £15, snapback £15, Calibraska Cd £5, lipbalm £5, black tour tshirt with tour dates £20, white longsleeved top £25, hoodie £35, black lyrics tshirt £20.

Support act:

Unfortunately, because I was in the merchandise queue I missed some of the support act but what I saw was quite good. The support act for the UK shows was an Irish band called ‘Taken’. I liked the part of their set that I saw and I think that they chose really energetic and well known songs to perform. My favourite song of theirs was their cover of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ because they got the crowd to do all of the ‘oh’ bits, which was such a fun! I thought they were a lovely band and I think it was thoughtful of them to say we could go and meet them at the back of the room.


Before I go on, there is one thing that annoyed me about the event- this is nothing to do with the acts but with the venue themselves. I purchased standing tickets and it may have been a week before the concert that I received an email informing me that it had changed so we now had to have seats, which were allocated on a first come, first served basis; I was told that this was because of the production. My friend and I didn’t get to the venue until 15 minutes after doors opened because we had to go to school beforehand and it then took us a while to get up there. This meant that our seats were quite close to the back, which I don’t blame on anyone. In the support act, we went and stood in this section where there weren’t any seats behind the main seating section. When we stood there, we could actually sort of see but we found it quite difficult and exclusive in our seats.

However, when the support act finished, security was making everybody go and sit in their seats without any explanation as to why. At the beginning of the Jack’s set we stood on our seats so we could see and we were then told to sit back down by the staff, so we decided to go back to where we were standing before, except there were now a few rows of people in front of us. This meant that it was more difficult to see but at least we could stay there for the whole concert. I did not have a problem with having to change from standing to seats, but I don’t think the situation was handled very well. What I would like to know is what about the production meant we had to have seats because most people stood up the whole time anyway and this also meant that we couldn’t get as close to the stage. I also don’t understand why we weren’t allowed to stand up in the interval because that meant that we lost our spot. I have no problem with the venue trying to ensure everyone’s safety but I would have liked more explanation and clarity.

I will carry on next post!

Love, Sydney

Susane Colasanti

Hi! So I have come up with a new idea for my Tuesday posts (finally). I’ve decided every few weeks (commencing now) I shall be putting the spotlight on a different author. This will normally consist of a list of their books and what I think of them. If I’ve met the author before I will talk about my experience of meeting them. This should be pretty cool! This week the spotlight is on one of my favourite authors: Susane Colasanti.

Fact File

Name: Susane Colasanti

Born: May 1, 1973 (age 42) New Jersey

Lives: New York City

Previous Jobs: High school science teacher

Amount of books published: 9 (as of May 2015)


So what books has she written? She writes books targeted at teenage girls/ young adults about love, friendship, karma, warm fuzzies and typically New York City. Her first eight books are singular books but the characters sometimes link in with other books. These books are: When it Happens, So Much Closer, Something Like Fate, Now and Forever, Take Me There, Waiting For You, Keep Holding On and All I Need. Last month the first book in a trilogy, City Love, was published and I am SO excited for the other two books to come out!

What is my favourite book of hers? Obviously, I love all her books but my favourite so far is All I Need. I am obsessed with it and it is in my top ten books. The whole concept is sooo cute! After reading Something Like Fate (in my top fifteen books!) I thought none of her other books could top it but it is truly sensational. Just the perfect book to curl up in bed with, especially after a crappy day. Parts of All I Need reminded me of The Beach House by Beth Reekles, which is a super cute novella set after The Kissing Booth. What else can I say? I LOVE IT.

Do I have any experience of meeting her? Unfortunately, not yet- I’m hopeful that I will get to meet her one day! The closest I’ve come is having an email from her. She was ultra-amazing and lovely. I was so excited when she replied! Before I went to New York City I had asked her if she had any recommendations of things to do and of course she had plenty of awesome suggestions. I had a great time in New York visiting all the places in her books!

What got me into her writing and what was the first book of hers I read? We had a book fair at school a couple of years ago and I saw When it Happens on display. It was love at first sight. The cover was soo good I just had to buy it. After that I read all of her books.

Are there any books coming out soon? Yes, as previously mentioned, there are two more books coming out following on from City Love. I know I’m going to love them! In the mean time I suggest that you read So Much Closer if you have never read a Susane Colasanti book. So Much Closer is one of her better books (in my opinion), even though they are all amazing but I don’t think it’s the ultimate best book so it’s a nice introduction to her writing. At some point you HAVE to read All I Need.

I think the rest of my author posts will follow this structure. Hopefully, one of you readers out there will go and buy one of her books now (seriously you need to)!

Love, Sydney

Wonderland Poem


I hope you enjoy today’s poem- ‘Wonderland’.

Cartwheeling fairies prance over the river,

Scattering fairy dust like golden glitter,

Swimming and racing along with the fish,

Whilst using their magic to grant me a wish.


Willow trees on the bank begin to shiver

as wind blows through the month of September.

Dandelions swaying along with the breeze,

Butterflies soaring together with bees.


Glowing eyes perched on top of a tree-

a white toothy grin emerges with glee.

Blue caterpillar eating a red mushroom,

puffing a pipe, emitting smoke rings of doom.


This way and that way, hop over the spring,

Hear the melodic bluebirds and sparrows sing.

Amber sun starting to set, time flew away,

leaving me breathless at the end of the day.


Thank you!

Love, Sydney