Wonderland Poem


I hope you enjoy today’s poem- ‘Wonderland’.

Cartwheeling fairies prance over the river,

Scattering fairy dust like golden glitter,

Swimming and racing along with the fish,

Whilst using their magic to grant me a wish.


Willow trees on the bank begin to shiver

as wind blows through the month of September.

Dandelions swaying along with the breeze,

Butterflies soaring together with bees.


Glowing eyes perched on top of a tree-

a white toothy grin emerges with glee.

Blue caterpillar eating a red mushroom,

puffing a pipe, emitting smoke rings of doom.


This way and that way, hop over the spring,

Hear the melodic bluebirds and sparrows sing.

Amber sun starting to set, time flew away,

leaving me breathless at the end of the day.


Thank you!

Love, Sydney



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