Strings Poem

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing a short poem with you- I hope you enjoy it!


When night came,

A heavy blackness

Hid the sun,

Smothering wisps of white,

Obscuring rays of light.


Children were afraid

of the rigid dark

The dark. The dark that would not leave


So God plucked out

handfuls of light

Hanging them along the sky

Strings of stars began

to illuminate the night


Thank you!

Love, Sydney


Wonderland Poem


I hope you enjoy today’s poem- ‘Wonderland’.

Cartwheeling fairies prance over the river,

Scattering fairy dust like golden glitter,

Swimming and racing along with the fish,

Whilst using their magic to grant me a wish.


Willow trees on the bank begin to shiver

as wind blows through the month of September.

Dandelions swaying along with the breeze,

Butterflies soaring together with bees.


Glowing eyes perched on top of a tree-

a white toothy grin emerges with glee.

Blue caterpillar eating a red mushroom,

puffing a pipe, emitting smoke rings of doom.


This way and that way, hop over the spring,

Hear the melodic bluebirds and sparrows sing.

Amber sun starting to set, time flew away,

leaving me breathless at the end of the day.


Thank you!

Love, Sydney


Water For Eyes Poem


The next poem in my eyes series is about my uncle. I don’t feel as if I know my uncle well enough to write a poem about him so I chose write about the colour of his eyes instead of what I see when I look at his eyes. His eyes remind me of the sea so essentially this is a poem about the sea.

Water For Eyes

Starfish gather on the ocean floor,

Splaying all five arms across the sand,

Where seaweed sways to and fro,

Tangling with hidden sea horses.


Hermit crabs scuttle from shell to shell,

Discarding beauties that will wash ashore,

To be found by collectors of pretty things,

Who will disperse them amongst the grass.


Turtles gather, swimming in harmony,

Whilst dolphins leap through the waves

Catching the last of the sun-

As it disappears into the night.


At night still the sharks are chasing

Little fish swirling in their shoal.

Electric eels zinging quickly

Through the electric darkness.


That is the ocean.


Love, Sydney

Groovy baby Poem


This next poem is part of my ‘eyes’ series and is about Jack Johnson who is a rapper and my inspiration. It upsets me how some people only like Jack Gilinsky not Jack AND Jack. I wanted express how amazing he is! I don’t think this is such a problem anymore as people are treating them more equally now!

Groovy baby

So, tell me where you’re from

Tell me your name.

You look like a nice boy,

Mother’s would love- except mine.

My mother loves Gilinsky,

I’ve trained her well.


Are you a ‘geek’?

Not quite-

With the times.

A shadow blocked out.

By the hot one,

Your best friend,

His name’s Gilinsky.


In fact,

You’re the chilliest-

The most philosophical

Of all the people

I’ve seen before,

And you’re pretty,

Pretty damn smart.


I hate when people,

Push you away,

Ignore your brilliance,

Crop you out.

There’s more than one

Jack in Jack and Jack.

You’re groovy baby.


Love, Sydney

Lost at Sea Poem

Today’s poem is part of a series I wrote on ‘eyes’. This one is about Jack Gilinsky who became famous for being a viner and is now more well known for being a singer. When I first met Jack and looked into his eyes I felt so euphoric because I’d waited so long for that moment and in this poem I describe all of the things I felt (cheesy, I know!).

Lost at Sea

Rainbows crisscrossing the sky,

Knitting a warm quilt,

Bursting with every colour-

Colours no one human can see,

Mixing with drops of rain

Rain that floods the world

Ripping trees from their roots

Cracking the earth.

Unleashing a jar of unknowns,

Roaring through the universe

Twisting the stars

Changing Everything.


Angels rejoicing above us

Sweet melodic voices singing.

Buckets of glitter fall,

Upon a field of pink and orange.

Time is reversing-

Bringing dinosaurs back to life.

We race on mammoths,

Our laughter crumbling mountains

Of sugar and candy canes,

Melting into golden puddles of

Lakes filled with diamonds-

Piercing the heavy sheets of black.


Tsunamis pound the shores,

Destroying grain upon grain of sand,

Crushing cruel jagged rocks,

Making millions of hearts race,

Widening the people’s eyes.

Escaping treacherous waves,

Barely clinging to our lives,

Leaping from cloud to cloud,

Dancing on only air,

Kicking wind across the nation.

Caught in the eye of the storm,

Screaming with exhilaration.


That’s what it feels like,

To look into your eyes.


Thank you for reading!

Love, Sydney

Your favourite things Poem

Hello! In honour of my best friend’s birthday I am sharing a poem with you that I wrote to cheer her up. It can also be sung to the tune of ‘My favourite things’.

Your favourite things

Nash Grier’s snapchats and tweetings on Twitter,

Young orange hunter and Sky’s baby sitter.

Life of the Party and Show you and Strings,

These are a few of your favourite things.


Cameron’s safe cuddles and warm chocolate eyes.

Vines and Youtube Videos with the guys.

The way JJ raps and Gilinsky he sings,

These are a few of your favourite things.


‘Friends’ marathon whilst you eat some maltesers,

Chinese takeaways eating your prawn crackers.

An angel called Sydney with massive white wings,

These are a few of your favourite things.


When Nash he cries, when Cam don’t ring,

When you’re feeling sad.

Just simply remember your favourite things

And then you won’t feel so bad.


Love, Sydney


I want the trees now

Hello! I have recently become tree obsessed and so I decided to write this poem following on from the theme of nature in my last poem.

I want the trees now

I want the trees now.

How can I have the sky

But not the trees?

I never liked the trees before,

My eyes were changed

To a filter called discover.


Trees can be collages

When you take the time

To look, to create, to appreciate

The blue strips cutting through

Twisted, branches reaching.

As they reach they tangle

Ever so tenderly around each other.


Spring brings an abundance

Of delicate pink petals

Jumping from branch to sky

Slowly spiralling to the roots

Entrenched deep in the ground

Desperately searching for water.

I think I want the rain too.

But I’ll never want the oceans.


Thank you!

Love, Sydney