Liebster Award- Questions!

Hey guys! Today I thought I could just answer the questions I asked at the end of the Liebster award post. I don’t think anybody will answer them so I might as well.


  1. What character would you like to be your boy/girl friend?                                                         I would like Simon Lewis from ‘The Mortal Instruments’ to be my boyfriend. He is so adorable and funny. If he looked like Robert Sheehan in real life then that would be great or Alberto Rosende! They both bring Simon to life so well and I love him as a character because he’s so enthusiastic and loyal.
  2. Do you read any classics, and if so what is your favourite classic book?                Recently I’ve been trying to read more classic books and now I’ve been giving a reading list at school with lots of great classic books on there so I hope to read them soon. My favourite classic book so far (bearing in mind I’ve read hardly any) is ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë although I still haven’t finished it!
  3. What poem got you into poetry? If you don’t have one, what is your opinion on ‘Because’ by James Franco?                                                                                                      Funnily enough, ‘Because’ by James Franco is the poem that got me into poetry. It isn’t a real stand out poem, but it was the first poem I read that was honest and cut to the chase.
  4. Are there any books that you are desperate to be made into movies?                            Definitely my top five books: ‘The Kissing Booth’, ‘Soulmates’, ‘Love Like the Movies’, ‘The Sky is Everywhere’ and ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’. I bet there’d be loads of gorgeous men in there (just saying!). I think the film rights have been sold for Soulmates and I’ll Give You the Sun! I have always said Famous in Love would be a totally awesome movie and I think it is being turned into a TV series. I would prefer it as a movie, but it would still be cool as a TV series.
  5. What is the shortest book you’ve ever read?                                                                                 I can’t be completely sure on this, but my Auntie has these little Felicity Wishes books that are really small and cute- so probably one of those.
  6. If you could only take three things to a desert island, would you bring a book with you? Why/why not?                                                                                                                             No I wouldn’t, because if I was bored I could make coconut bikinis and I would rather bring water, food and a tent there so I could survive. I don’t need a book, I could use logs to make a fire.
  7. Do you have any friends that deserve to have a book written about? What would it be about? (If all your friends are really boring then what book would you write about yourself?)                                                                                                                                                     I have a lot of interesting friends. To be honest, I’d rather write about myself because obviously I know myself and it’s hard to imagine kissing scenes about your friend. If I had to, I would write about my best friend because I probably know her the best out of anybody I know. We have a lot in common too. I’ve always said one of my other friends is very writeable because she has such a complex personality as well.
  8. Do you remember the first proper book you ever read i.e. Chapters, one hundred pages or so? If you can’t remember what was your favourite childhood book?            The first proper book I read was ‘Twin Tales’ by Jacqueline Wilson. I remember my Dad reading this to my sister and I when he got in from work. After that I read every single Jacqueline Wilson book as well as the Rainbow Fairies books.
  9. Is there a certain genre that you will never read?                                                               Horror, crime, war… most things that aren’t romantic, dystopian or a good YA book. I’ve read books before with no romance in and actually really enjoyed them. I’m definitely not into gruesome things though.

I was struggling to answer the two questions I missed, but I’ll try to answer them in another post some time.

Love, Sydney


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