Book Quiz!

Heya! Today I felt like creating a quiz. Of course it is all about books! I’m not sure if the quiz will be too easy but it’s just a bit of fun! All the answers can be found in my previous blog posts.

  1. What are the names of the two main characters in ‘Forever’ by Judy Blume?
  1. Katherine and Ralph
  2. Julia and Patrick
  3. Katherine and Michael
  1. Fill in the missing word of the title of this Cathy Hopkin’s book: _______ For a Broken Heart
  1. Playlist
  2. Songs
  3. Music
  1. Where is the fourth Million Dollar Mates book mainly set?b) Florida
  2. c) London
  3. a) India

4)   Who does America choose in ‘The Selection’?

  1. a) Aspen
  2. b) Maxon
  3. c) Carter

5)    Where does Bea tell Toph to meet her a year later in ‘Nobody’s Girl’?

  1. a) Pont Neuf
  2. b) London Bridge
  3. c) The Eiffel Tower

6)     Which Novella was written by Rebecca Serle?

  1. a) Star drops
  2. b) Ella
  3. c) Locked

7)     What game did Noah and Jude play in ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’?

  1. a) They divided up the world between them
  2. b) They took turns adding entries to their Grandma’s bible
  3. c) They tried to make pictures out of the stars

8)       How does ‘New Moon’ end?

  1. a) Bella punches Jacob
  2. b) Bella and Edward tell Charlie they are engaged
  3. c) Edward proposes to Bella

9)     What is Beth Reekles (author of The Kissing Booth) nationality?

  1. a) English
  2. b) Welsh
  3. c) American

10)   Who wrote ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging’?

  1. a) Samantha Mackintosh
  2.          b) Chris Higgins
  3. c) Louise Renninson



So I hope that quiz was ok! I might do some more in the future! Sorry I don’t know what happened to the formatting!

Love, Sydney


Jack and Jack Concert Review- Part 2


So to continue from last week’s post…

Jack and Jack:

Okay, so rant over and now onto Jack and Jack’s actual performance! Oh my god- the start was so so good! I don’t want to ruin the start of the show for anyone that hasn’t seen it but they did something awesome at the beginning. I’m not going to lie, I did get very emotional during the show and especially at the start. The Jacks came on to ‘Flights’ (my second favourite song), which was utterly magical. It was a really touching start for me because that’s the song they came on to for their first international show and the first show of theirs that I attended. It is amazing to think that now they are flying all over the world to perform.

I felt so proud of them because they had structured the show really well. To start with they did ‘How we livin’, ‘Shallow love’ and ‘RWYA’. I’m not sure if they did ‘RWYA’ last time but damn Gilinsky was back at it again with the body rolls. I loved the high energy start and then I loved how they did ‘Tides’ after. ‘Tides’ is my favourite song and it is always my favourite part of the concert because it feels like all of the fans connect in the room and of course with the boys on the stage; it is the song for the fans. Jack and Jack are always so appreciative of their fans; they are just such incredible people.

Afterwards they slowed it down and did a cover of ‘Again/One love’ as well as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Wrong One’. It was so chill I loved it! Especially when Gilinsky whipped out the guitar- my heart literally melted. Johnson on the keys was awesome as well- I can’t believe how talented they are. They then went into ‘Groove’ and I was hard-core dancing and rapping along. It is just such a good song and I think that was one of the best moments because it was so hype. I also loved ‘California’ and ‘Wild life’ because they carried on the ‘hypness’ if that’s a thing. I was so insanely happy the whole time! Apart from them performing ‘Tides’ the best part was their cover of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. It was absolutely wild when they brought the drums out- I could listen to their cover all day.

For the encore, they performed ‘Like that’, which was electric! I wish they’d done more songs in the encore because the show finished at half nine and I wanted to hear their cover of ‘Let’s do it again/Santeria’! Overall, another unforgettable experience- thank you Jack and Jack and their team!

Love, Sydney

Deep Water Review

Aloha! I am going to be reviewing Deep Water by Jo Cotterill. I’m excited to review this book because I love Jo Cotterill!

“He fancied you, Pearl. Don’t you notice anything?”

Pearl can’t believe her luck when she’s selected for the British Synchronized Swimming team, competing at the London Olympics. It’s a dream come true! But non-stop training leaves less time for friends and fun- a sacrifice Pearl is willing to make if it means her team can bring home a medal… Even cheeky journalist Bailey won’t distract her from going for gold. But he has other ideas!


First of all, let me just say I haven’t read this book for ages, so this review may be a bit dodgy. It’s a lovely, quick read which I’ve read two or three times. I like the whole concept of the Sweet Hearts Series; basically it’s a romance story revolving around the girl’s hobbie e.g dancing, ice skating and in this case: synchronized swimming. Synchronized is such a hard word to spell damn. It is quite a nice idea and I find it pretty cute. It’s also really interesting to learn about synchronized swimming.


The bit that I and probably many other people found most heart wrenching was all the stuff about Pearl’s family. I thought all the emotions were beautifully portrayed and it was realistic. Especially when Bailey and Pearl were arguing about how he called her Mum needy. I felt really bad for Bailey because to be fair he didn’t know it was her mum and he didn’t mean it in a mean way. Like, I get where Pearl’s coming from but grow up love. I guess most people would get angry with Bailey like Pearl but I’m a unique individual.


Fun fact: I was just thinking if you put Bailey and Pearl together, it sounds like Pearl Barley. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I suppose it’s something for you to think about. It’s nice that in this book *SPOILER ALERT* Bailey and Pearl get together but they don’t rush it and it’s just a cute kiss at the end. Half the books these days are like children of Fifty Shades of Grey. Okay, definitely not as extreme but like teenage versions. Go Jo for writing a cute, normal (in a good way) book.

I would say that this is my favourite book in the Sweet Hearts Series, as it is more relatable to me as my sister is a competitive swimmer. Forget me not and Ice dreams aren’t very relatable as I’m not a florist or an ice skater. I still really like those as well, in particular Ice Dreams. The relationship between the ice skater (it’s been a long time okay) and Zac (?) was my favourite of all the relationships because they hated each other but then they loved each other (Aw…).

If you’ve never read any Jo Cotterill books then you definitely should because she’s an awesome writer. She’s such a lovely person as well (I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions). Good bye!

Love, Sydney

Should society frown upon age disparity in relationships?


In today’s post I am going to be sharing a piece of discursive writing I had to write at school last year. I will be answering the question: “Should society frown upon age disparity in relationships?”


In Britain we are generally accepting of relationships between homosexuals and people of different races. However, there appears to be many people who find it difficult to accept age disparity in relationships.

It is typical of people to assume that couples with a large age gap are a parent and child because that seems the most likely case to many of us. On X Factor two years ago, Louis Walsh asked a couple with a large age gap if they were father and daughter and perhaps that is why people are against age disparity in relationships because it reminds them of a parent dating their child, which is obviously unacceptable. These couples are not a parent and a child; these couples are together because they are compatible, as well having the same body chemistry. People have different mental ages, so whilst their bodies might not be the same- their minds could be very similar. Of course, some people are more mature than others.

You may argue that the youngest of the couple gets exploited, as they are too young to know what is right and wrong in a relationship. On the other hand, the eldest of the couple could be exploited for their money. As previously mentioned, some people are more mature than others. If both people in the relationship are mature enough, then I do not see how them being in a relationship is an issue. In most relationships with age disparity there is no rape, sugar daddies or she wolves. Putting all relationships with age disparity in that category is like saying all teenagers shoplift, when in fact only a minority do. I can see through the illusion that often, one person in a couple that has a large age gap has the upper hand. This is simply not true as their age does not mean more knowledge necessarily; in a happy relationship both people are equal. Bradley Cooper and Sukhi Waterhouse have an age gap of seventeen years, yet still manage to maintain a safe, happy relationship.

Furthermore, what about the children that come from these relationships- is it fair on them?

Everybody that is a law abiding, respectful citizen should be able to have a child. The child will not be affected, unless their parents cause people to be foul mouthed towards them. This is why prejudice against couples with a large age gap needs to be stopped. Then the only way a child will suffer is if the eldest of the couple dies whilst the child is young. Most of the time, a couple will not have a child if one of them is very old, therefore this is not a serious or relevant issue.

Caroline Flack was traumatised by online trolls who spammed Caroline with hate about her relationship with Harry Styles- who is seventeen years her junior. When Harry has had other relationships his girlfriends, who were all of a similar age to Harry, he did not receive as much hate as Caroline. I think it is unfair that Caroline was treated so badly, and it needs to stop.

If two people are in love and safe, why should they not be together? Obviously, two people cannot be together if the law forbids it but otherwise it would be cruel to keep two people apart. We cannot choose who we love. Therefore it is unfair for society to frown upon two people that love each other, just because they have a large age gap between them.

Age is just a number.


I would just like to say that this was intended to be an insightful piece of writing and was not meant to cause offence to anyone.

Love, Sydney

Best and Worst book sequels

Aloha! Right well today I’m doing best and worst sequels. I may have already mentioned some of these books and what I think of them before so sorry. By sequels I mean any book in the rest of a series so I might talk about book 5 in a series of 6 for example.


The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire- Cassandra Clare

I adore The Mortal Instruments. I love all of The Mortal Instruments and City of Heavenly Fire is definitely my favourite. It is just the perfect ending to a sensational series. I can’t believe what happened to Simon and I was so shocked by some of the characters deaths. There was lots of drama and tension but when I read it, it feels ‘homey’ if that’s a thing? Well I just feel comfortable and I really enjoy it, unlike The Infernal Devices; which I love, but I don’t find them as engaging.


Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer

In my opinion, this book was basically a filler book. I wasn’t engaged as much, it was just an unnecessary book. You could have put the half the contents in the other books or just cut it out. I didn’t like how the book focused on Victoria coming back to kill Bella when in the end it took like 5 minutes for Edward to kill her. Victoria’s extremely irritating and I thought it was just utterly predictable in a bad way.


Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers- Cathy Hopkins

Again, this is another book that’s the last in the series. For me, there’s something about the final book in a series! They either make or break the series, it depends on how you tie/ or don’t tie all the loose ends. Personally, I hate cliff hangers- I need to know how everything ends. I loved this book as it combined Mates, Dates with the Truth, dare, kiss or promise series. I liked how they went to the beach, because it was like they were finished with the story and ending it with a holiday.


Allegiant- Veronica Roth

I loved Divergent so much and Insurgent was quite good, but I was so annoyed with the ending. SPOILER ALERT I was so so vexed that Tris died, like what was the point of the whole trilogy if she just died at the end? I really liked Tris as well. It was such a shocking ending; I couldn’t stop crying. If the ending was going to be so dramatic I think Four should have died as well, I don’t like the idea of him living without her.


Catching Fire- Suzane Collins

I strongly dislike The Hunger Games and Mockingjay. However, I have to say Catching Fire was a very good sequel to The Hunger Games. There was a lot more going on in this and it had a vivid storyline. I love the addition of Finnick- he’s great and I love Sam Claflin in the movie. The idea of the clock in the arena was really clever. To be honest, this book on its own is actually fine, I would prefer that to the trilogy. Catching Fire raised the reputation of The Hunger Games overall for me.


Bridget Jones’s Diary: Mad about the boy- Helen Fielding

Before I even read this book, I was really annoyed that it was actually written in the first place. I was satisfied with the ending of the second book and I was glad that Mark and Bridget ended up together. I thought I would give the book the benefit of the doubt, but I was utterly upset to find out that SPOILER ALERT Mark Darcy had died. I didn’t particularly like Mark but I thought it was nice that she was with him. There was a lot in the book about Bridget’s issues with modern things such as technology, which I didn’t find entertaining. I think that is just so overdone- what happened to the Bridget that was alcohol/fag orientated?!

Hopefully see you next week!

Love, Sydney

Gone- Poem

Hello! Today’s poem is called ‘Gone’. I hope you like it!


Gone is the Sphinx’s nose,

Lady Liberty’s copper glow,

David’s set of fancy clothes,

And Big Buddha’s view of this world.


Gone is The Little Mermaid’s sea shell top,

Maoi’s flowing golden hair,

Portal Maya’s chance to be alone,

And The Thinker’s ability to break free from thought.


Gone is the oxygen in Christ the Redeemer’s arms,

The uprightness of The Tower of Pisa,

Fighting spirit in Nelson’s eyes,

And the rainbow from St. Basil’s Cathedral.


Gone is the blood thirsty Coliseum crowd,

Emotion of Mount Rushmore’s presidents,

Victorian people below Big Ben,

And slow pace of a Charging Bull.


Gone is Abraham’s eager energy,

Beguiling arms of Aphrodite,

Light that travelled from burnt out stars,

And soon all life that’s on our planet.


Love, Sydney

The Story Museum Review

The Story Museum review

Here is a short review of a brilliant museum in Oxford!

I was extremely excited to visit The Story Museum and I am not disappointed at all with what I have seen! The exhibits are one of a kind and I was astounded in particular by Narnia. It was an amazing experience to visit each room as well as partake in activities such as dressing up then ascending the throne.

To expand the museum’s target audience to teenagers, I think it’s important to have exhibits for well-known and much loved YA books such as The Fault in Our Stars, Twilight, Divergent or The Hunger Games. The Fault in Our Stars is a huge phenomenon amongst young adults so I think the museum would do well to run events based around it. Potentially, there could be a group or club held in ‘the heart of Jesus’! Another thing teens/ young adults like in general is food. There could be a large space to read and eat food. The food would be the headline of the event, as that would attract people to come.

Also, I noticed that there wasn’t any music playing. I know that the music may conflict with the story telling, but I would like it to be incorporated somehow. There should also be more/better advertising because I was unaware that The Story Museum even existed- but it is a fantastic place! Overall, The Story Museum is an outstanding place with lots of potential!

Love, Sydney