Susane Colasanti

Hi! So I have come up with a new idea for my Tuesday posts (finally). I’ve decided every few weeks (commencing now) I shall be putting the spotlight on a different author. This will normally consist of a list of their books and what I think of them. If I’ve met the author before I will talk about my experience of meeting them. This should be pretty cool! This week the spotlight is on one of my favourite authors: Susane Colasanti.

Fact File

Name: Susane Colasanti

Born: May 1, 1973 (age 42) New Jersey

Lives: New York City

Previous Jobs: High school science teacher

Amount of books published: 9 (as of May 2015)


So what books has she written? She writes books targeted at teenage girls/ young adults about love, friendship, karma, warm fuzzies and typically New York City. Her first eight books are singular books but the characters sometimes link in with other books. These books are: When it Happens, So Much Closer, Something Like Fate, Now and Forever, Take Me There, Waiting For You, Keep Holding On and All I Need. Last month the first book in a trilogy, City Love, was published and I am SO excited for the other two books to come out!

What is my favourite book of hers? Obviously, I love all her books but my favourite so far is All I Need. I am obsessed with it and it is in my top ten books. The whole concept is sooo cute! After reading Something Like Fate (in my top fifteen books!) I thought none of her other books could top it but it is truly sensational. Just the perfect book to curl up in bed with, especially after a crappy day. Parts of All I Need reminded me of The Beach House by Beth Reekles, which is a super cute novella set after The Kissing Booth. What else can I say? I LOVE IT.

Do I have any experience of meeting her? Unfortunately, not yet- I’m hopeful that I will get to meet her one day! The closest I’ve come is having an email from her. She was ultra-amazing and lovely. I was so excited when she replied! Before I went to New York City I had asked her if she had any recommendations of things to do and of course she had plenty of awesome suggestions. I had a great time in New York visiting all the places in her books!

What got me into her writing and what was the first book of hers I read? We had a book fair at school a couple of years ago and I saw When it Happens on display. It was love at first sight. The cover was soo good I just had to buy it. After that I read all of her books.

Are there any books coming out soon? Yes, as previously mentioned, there are two more books coming out following on from City Love. I know I’m going to love them! In the mean time I suggest that you read So Much Closer if you have never read a Susane Colasanti book. So Much Closer is one of her better books (in my opinion), even though they are all amazing but I don’t think it’s the ultimate best book so it’s a nice introduction to her writing. At some point you HAVE to read All I Need.

I think the rest of my author posts will follow this structure. Hopefully, one of you readers out there will go and buy one of her books now (seriously you need to)!

Love, Sydney