Book Quiz!

Heya! Today I felt like creating a quiz. Of course it is all about books! I’m not sure if the quiz will be too easy but it’s just a bit of fun! All the answers can be found in my previous blog posts.

  1. What are the names of the two main characters in ‘Forever’ by Judy Blume?
  1. Katherine and Ralph
  2. Julia and Patrick
  3. Katherine and Michael
  1. Fill in the missing word of the title of this Cathy Hopkin’s book: _______ For a Broken Heart
  1. Playlist
  2. Songs
  3. Music
  1. Where is the fourth Million Dollar Mates book mainly set?b) Florida
  2. c) London
  3. a) India

4)   Who does America choose in ‘The Selection’?

  1. a) Aspen
  2. b) Maxon
  3. c) Carter

5)    Where does Bea tell Toph to meet her a year later in ‘Nobody’s Girl’?

  1. a) Pont Neuf
  2. b) London Bridge
  3. c) The Eiffel Tower

6)     Which Novella was written by Rebecca Serle?

  1. a) Star drops
  2. b) Ella
  3. c) Locked

7)     What game did Noah and Jude play in ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’?

  1. a) They divided up the world between them
  2. b) They took turns adding entries to their Grandma’s bible
  3. c) They tried to make pictures out of the stars

8)       How does ‘New Moon’ end?

  1. a) Bella punches Jacob
  2. b) Bella and Edward tell Charlie they are engaged
  3. c) Edward proposes to Bella

9)     What is Beth Reekles (author of The Kissing Booth) nationality?

  1. a) English
  2. b) Welsh
  3. c) American

10)   Who wrote ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging’?

  1. a) Samantha Mackintosh
  2.          b) Chris Higgins
  3. c) Louise Renninson



So I hope that quiz was ok! I might do some more in the future! Sorry I don’t know what happened to the formatting!

Love, Sydney


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