Jack and Jack Concert Review- Part 2


So to continue from last week’s post…

Jack and Jack:

Okay, so rant over and now onto Jack and Jack’s actual performance! Oh my god- the start was so so good! I don’t want to ruin the start of the show for anyone that hasn’t seen it but they did something awesome at the beginning. I’m not going to lie, I did get very emotional during the show and especially at the start. The Jacks came on to ‘Flights’ (my second favourite song), which was utterly magical. It was a really touching start for me because that’s the song they came on to for their first international show and the first show of theirs that I attended. It is amazing to think that now they are flying all over the world to perform.

I felt so proud of them because they had structured the show really well. To start with they did ‘How we livin’, ‘Shallow love’ and ‘RWYA’. I’m not sure if they did ‘RWYA’ last time but damn Gilinsky was back at it again with the body rolls. I loved the high energy start and then I loved how they did ‘Tides’ after. ‘Tides’ is my favourite song and it is always my favourite part of the concert because it feels like all of the fans connect in the room and of course with the boys on the stage; it is the song for the fans. Jack and Jack are always so appreciative of their fans; they are just such incredible people.

Afterwards they slowed it down and did a cover of ‘Again/One love’ as well as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Wrong One’. It was so chill I loved it! Especially when Gilinsky whipped out the guitar- my heart literally melted. Johnson on the keys was awesome as well- I can’t believe how talented they are. They then went into ‘Groove’ and I was hard-core dancing and rapping along. It is just such a good song and I think that was one of the best moments because it was so hype. I also loved ‘California’ and ‘Wild life’ because they carried on the ‘hypness’ if that’s a thing. I was so insanely happy the whole time! Apart from them performing ‘Tides’ the best part was their cover of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. It was absolutely wild when they brought the drums out- I could listen to their cover all day.

For the encore, they performed ‘Like that’, which was electric! I wish they’d done more songs in the encore because the show finished at half nine and I wanted to hear their cover of ‘Let’s do it again/Santeria’! Overall, another unforgettable experience- thank you Jack and Jack and their team!

Love, Sydney


Jack and Jack Concert Review- Part 1

Hello! I am so excited to be writing about my latest concert experience! I went to see Jack and Jack at Indigo2 in London (a smaller venue inside the O2) last week. Jack and Jack are my absolute favourites; the only things I love as much are my friends and family. Previously, I have met Jack and Jack and been to their concert twice but this time I couldn’t get meet and greet tickets. I divided my review into sections because there are probably parts people don’t want to read, so just check the subtitles! I am going to carry on this post next week.


This is probably quite weird but I think one of my favourite things about going to the concert was being able to buy merch! Before they haven’t had much merch and the shipping online is so expensive so it was actually really cool for them to finally have loads of merch. For anyone going to any of the shows in the rest of the European tour, this is the merch and prices: Wristband £5, poster £5, beanie £15, snapback £15, Calibraska Cd £5, lipbalm £5, black tour tshirt with tour dates £20, white longsleeved top £25, hoodie £35, black lyrics tshirt £20.

Support act:

Unfortunately, because I was in the merchandise queue I missed some of the support act but what I saw was quite good. The support act for the UK shows was an Irish band called ‘Taken’. I liked the part of their set that I saw and I think that they chose really energetic and well known songs to perform. My favourite song of theirs was their cover of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ because they got the crowd to do all of the ‘oh’ bits, which was such a fun! I thought they were a lovely band and I think it was thoughtful of them to say we could go and meet them at the back of the room.


Before I go on, there is one thing that annoyed me about the event- this is nothing to do with the acts but with the venue themselves. I purchased standing tickets and it may have been a week before the concert that I received an email informing me that it had changed so we now had to have seats, which were allocated on a first come, first served basis; I was told that this was because of the production. My friend and I didn’t get to the venue until 15 minutes after doors opened because we had to go to school beforehand and it then took us a while to get up there. This meant that our seats were quite close to the back, which I don’t blame on anyone. In the support act, we went and stood in this section where there weren’t any seats behind the main seating section. When we stood there, we could actually sort of see but we found it quite difficult and exclusive in our seats.

However, when the support act finished, security was making everybody go and sit in their seats without any explanation as to why. At the beginning of the Jack’s set we stood on our seats so we could see and we were then told to sit back down by the staff, so we decided to go back to where we were standing before, except there were now a few rows of people in front of us. This meant that it was more difficult to see but at least we could stay there for the whole concert. I did not have a problem with having to change from standing to seats, but I don’t think the situation was handled very well. What I would like to know is what about the production meant we had to have seats because most people stood up the whole time anyway and this also meant that we couldn’t get as close to the stage. I also don’t understand why we weren’t allowed to stand up in the interval because that meant that we lost our spot. I have no problem with the venue trying to ensure everyone’s safety but I would have liked more explanation and clarity.

I will carry on next post!

Love, Sydney

Sounds Live Feels Live Review


I would like to share with you my review of yet another concert that I recently attended in London! Wow I feel as though I have been so busy going to shows recently- look out for my final concert review for a while next Sunday. After that I am going to see a musical and then I am done with shows until a festival in the summer.

So, the act that I went to see was ‘5 seconds of summer’, who are not only one of my sister’s favourite bands but they are also my favourite band (do duos count as a band?). I cannot begin to describe how excited I was for the show! Unfortunately, I had to sell my ticket last year so I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to see my favourite band. We arrived after the doors had opened as we weren’t bothered about missing the support act and surprisingly we didn’t have to wait at all to get into the actual arena. They were performing at The O2 so I thought that it would take a while but we went straight in and sat down for the second half of the support act. Our seats were right at the front of our tier and we felt that we were not too far from the stage.

The support act was ‘Jessarae’ (did I spell that right?!), who I had once again never heard of before. I didn’t personally think they were extraordinary or memorable but I thought they were pretty standard support act. Can I just quickly mention that the singer looked like a mini Robert Pattinson (I think it was the eyebrows). The songs were lively and of the pop genre, which I think was a good match for the event. I liked the fact that they seemed to be amazed that they were playing at The O2, it looked as if they were in awe of all of the fans there and I just found that rather touching. They were a lovely band; I really liked their song ‘No Warning’.

Wow. When 5sos came on it felt so surreal. I was surprised that they came on to ‘Carry On’ as I thought that they would come on to one of their more well-known tracks but I still think it was a powerful entrance onto the stage. After that they launched straight into ‘Hey Everybody’, which was such a high energy performance- I loved it! The set list had been planned out really well- they had a cluster of songs off of ‘Sounds good feels good’ followed by songs off of the previous album. They ended with four of their most energetic songs. I liked the songs they chose for the encore ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘She looks so perfect’ because everybody was dancing and singing along to them.

My favourite part was when they performed ‘Amnesia’ because Calum asked the fans to sing along with him. It was beautiful the way the whole arena lit up with flashlights and the sounds of all of the fans voices united. It was also very emotional when they sang ‘Beside You’ followed by ‘Vapor’, which Luke said was probably his favourite song that 5sos had ever written. There were also lots of flashlights for those performances as well as many tears for me. I also thought that it was really cool for them to create a little song for the show because that meant that we had our own personal experience compared to going to other shows. The song that they came up with was ‘Fish and Chips’. It was such an incredible night!

Love, Sydney

Irrational (Romesh Ranganathan) Review


I hope everyone that has been on a school break has had a lovely holiday! Today I am going to be reviewing Romesh Ranganathan’s ‘Irrational’ show. I saw him perform at the Oxford Playhouse previously this week alongside his support act, Phil Jerrod.

Personally, I could not relate much to Jerrod’s material so I did not find him to be hilarious. I found him to be quite theatrical and overbearing without being funny. I think that there were some jokes that caused a few laughs so he was okay- there could have been a worse support act. He was ‘average’ in one word.

Contrastingly, I found Romesh absolutely hilarious! My favourite parts were when he interacted with the audience, in particular with one guy that was sat in the front row and looked like him. It turned out that this man worked at Papa Johns and Romesh was quick to make jokes about customer service and the rivalry between Papa Johns and Dominos. It was really clever how Romesh could make fun of situations as they happened. For example, after the interval Romesh asked whether the audience had done anything ‘fun’ during the interval and the same man (Papa Johns guy) replied that he had purchased some cake from the bar. Romesh turned it into a very comical situation by asking if anybody else was eating cake in the audience and then good naturedly made fun of the man for being the only member of the audience to be eating cake.

Even though I had heard some of the material before, I did think that it flowed a lot better and seemed more like natural story telling. One of the best told stories was about his children and how after having a lovely first child he then came to have a ‘feral’ second child. With affection he recounted what horrors his children had been up to as well as telling jokes involving his wife. I found his material to be fairly relatable as he had made some very humorous observations about day to day things such as people finding it hilarious to put the wrong name on their Starbucks order as a joke. A very modern, relevant and entertaining show- I cannot wait to see more!

Love, Sydney

Romeo and Juliet Review- The Watermill Theatre


It’s been a busy month attending lots of shows and concerts! I think I’m about half way through going to all of the events I had planned. It was a nice change from jumping around at gigs to sitting down and not even having to use my voice! The night after seeing ‘The Neighbourhood’ I went to see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at The Watermill Theatre in Newbury.

The venue itself was lovely and quaint. I thought the spiralling staircase near the entrance and the glimpse at a part of the old water mill highlighted in green was magical. I was surprised at the compactness of the theatre but nevertheless it made the play even more intimate and engaging. It was a whole new experience for me and it must have been amazing for the people on the stools that were literally right next to the stage. I think that they used the venue so well- swinging from the stage to the balcony, standing around the edges of the circle and performing parts on the balcony near the band. The use of levels and spacing was so cleverly done; it was such a creative performance!

I loved how the show started with live music, involving the audience by getting them to sing parts of the songs. The actors were so talented, switching from playing an instrument to climbing up the ladder. The entire show was an original masterpiece! First of all, I loved the modern take on it. I thought it was ingenious to have the live music as well as the bar and for Romeo to find Juliet smoking a spliff. It was updated and fresh- much more relatable.

Overall, a very innovative and beautiful performance with incredible actors- a must see!

Love, Sydney


The Neighbourhood Concert Review


I would like to share with you my review of another concert I recently attended in London!

I went to see ‘The Neighbourhood’, who are one of my sister’s favourite bands- apparently they are part of her ‘deadly trio’. My sister has also forced me to listen to their music on multiple occasions so I came round to liking them like I had with ‘The 1975’. I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling excited about going and I almost didn’t go as I just felt so tired! I decided to go along anyway because I didn’t want to ditch my sister and I’m so glad I did!

We arrived after the doors had opened as we weren’t bothered about missing the support act and we didn’t have to wait at all to get into the venue (The Round House). We went in after Kevin Abstract had finished and we discovered that it wasn’t actually jam-packed. We decided to stay near the sound system at the back as it was easier to see there, but we were still surprisingly close! It was a really chill venue, we could just sit down on the floor and wait for the support act. I think that you were fairly close even if you were at the back so it was great!

I had never heard of or listened to ‘Mothxr’ before and I prepared myself to be underwhelmed as I was already in a negative mood. However, I thought they were absolutely amazing! Even though I didn’t know any of the songs I had a brilliant time dancing to the music. They brought so much energy and made everyone hype for ‘The Neighbourhood’. It was the perfect introduction to ‘The Neighbourhood’. I wouldn’t say they were particularly original but they were certainly memorable. Their music was the sort of music that you can’t help but head bang to and play when you want to have a rave.

It was a bit of shock when ‘The Neighbourhood’ came on as I hadn’t noticed a sudden change in lighting. So when I did see them I immediately went hysterical. I think they came on to ‘Ferrari’, which I didn’t know but then they went into ‘Greeting From Califournia’, which then got me into the ‘groove’ I suppose you could say. I think their set list was of a good length and there was a perfect mixture of songs from the ‘I Love You’ and ‘Wiped out!’. As I wasn’t an avid fan, I didn’t know who the other members of the band were- I only knew Jesse so I focused on him. Jesse literally just looked like a rock star- I was in awe of him. He moved around the stage easily and with such a huge presence about him; I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! On a side note, his outfit was awesome that night.

For me, the best part of the concert was when they performed ‘Daddy Issues’ as I think that’s when the crowd went the wildest. I also loved ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘RIP to my youth’ as obviously those are their biggest hits so those were the times when the entire crowd was singing along. Towards the end I think Jesse interacted more with the audience as they sung more well-known lyrics. It was a really enthusiastic ending and I think that all of the songs were brilliant to dance to. I had such a good time seeing them so I would definitely recommend going to see ‘The Neighbourhood’ as well as ‘Mothxr’. I know I say ‘I would definitely recommend’ a lot but they were truly brilliant!

Love, Sydney


The 1975 Concert Review


Today I am going to review a concert that I recently attended in Brixton!

I went to see ‘The 1975’, who are my sister’s favourite band (she is literally obsessed with them). My sister has forced me to listen to their music on multiple occasions so I came round to liking them and I knew so many of their lyrics. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but at least I knew the vast majority of their songs, so I guessed I would have fun.

We arrived only a little before the doors opened but we still managed to make it into the middle of the crowd. The floor was sloped so we could actually see fairly well. I preferred to not be at the barrier because that meant I ended up with personal space and I didn’t leave with a bruised ribcage (I also didn’t have to awkwardly make eye contact with the support act #IsItJustMe?).

I had never listened to ‘The Japanese House’ before so I didn’t know what they would be like but I thought they were quite a good band. They weren’t really my type of music but I thought that their set list was great and they were such a chill band. No one near me moved all that much whilst they played but it was a nice warm up before ‘The 1975’ came on.

I was buzzing before ‘The 1975’ bounded onto the stage. Well, I guess they exploded rather than bounded onto the stage. It didn’t seem real to me that soon Matty would be swaggering around with his red wine on stage. I felt so much love and respect for them, for the people that help my sister get through life. When it went dark my heart was pounding. As soon as the opening bars of ‘Love Me’ rang out across the stage I became hysterical.

Their set list was so long and utterly brilliant. It felt absolutely amazing to dance along and throw my hair around. I thought that their stage presence was immense and charismatic- they commanded the attention of every single person in the room. I think that they have created an original and thematic new album and all of the songs that they played off the album were very refreshing! ‘Somebody else’ could only be described as ‘liquidy’ and fluid; I think it was one of my favourite songs that they performed as it felt quite trance like but I still enjoyed dancing to it.

What separated this concert from any other I’ve been to was the aesthetics. The aesthetics made the concert visually stunning and added value to each song. It showed that the band had put time into thinking about how they wanted to present themselves and their music to the fans. The back drop during ‘Medicine’ was gorgeous whereas the back drop for ‘If I Believe You’ was so enchanting. It made me smile when Matty asked for everyone to put their phones away for ‘Me’ because he was correct in his reasoning- why should we document everything for other people, we should think about ourselves. It did annoy me that some people didn’t respect his wishes but otherwise it was a serene yet impactful moment.

Hands down, the best part of the concert for me was when they performed ‘If I Believe You’ at the start of the encore. It was so transformative with the bright pure lighting and the choir that joined the band for the encore. I felt as if I was taking a journey skywards as I listened to the powerful lyrics; it was incredibly captivating and beautiful. The end was very energetic as everybody jumped up and down to ‘Sex’- a perfect end to the concert, leaving everyone on a high.

I would definitely recommend going to see ‘The 1975’ as it was so different yet so wonderful!

Love, Sydney