10 Things I hate About you Poem

Hello! This week’s poem takes inspiration from the poem in the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’. The original poem is written about an ex-boyfriend but I couldn’t think of anyone that I intensely hated so I decided to write about hating death instead.


10 Things I hate About you

I hate the way you took my Nanny

When I was old enough to remember,

I hate how you make people want you

Because you cause them so much pain,

I hate it when you make me cry

At grey funerals filled with sorrow,

I hate how I’m reminded of you

Every time I hear Somewhere over the rainbow

Or see a pot of homemade jam,

I hate you because you won’t let me hug Nanny

When I need her so so much,

I hate your rubbish connection line

That never lets me hear her voice,

I hate the way you leave me memories

But don’t let us create anymore,

I hate how you are left with people

When all we get is a ghost,

I hate how it’s been two whole months

And I’ve been hurting all this time,

But mostly- I hate you because we can’t destroy you

Even if we wanted to.



Love, Sydney


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