I want the trees now

Hello! I have recently become tree obsessed and so I decided to write this poem following on from the theme of nature in my last poem.

I want the trees now

I want the trees now.

How can I have the sky

But not the trees?

I never liked the trees before,

My eyes were changed

To a filter called discover.


Trees can be collages

When you take the time

To look, to create, to appreciate

The blue strips cutting through

Twisted, branches reaching.

As they reach they tangle

Ever so tenderly around each other.


Spring brings an abundance

Of delicate pink petals

Jumping from branch to sky

Slowly spiralling to the roots

Entrenched deep in the ground

Desperately searching for water.

I think I want the rain too.

But I’ll never want the oceans.


Thank you!

Love, Sydney


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