Water For Eyes Poem


The next poem in my eyes series is about my uncle. I don’t feel as if I know my uncle well enough to write a poem about him so I chose write about the colour of his eyes instead of what I see when I look at his eyes. His eyes remind me of the sea so essentially this is a poem about the sea.

Water For Eyes

Starfish gather on the ocean floor,

Splaying all five arms across the sand,

Where seaweed sways to and fro,

Tangling with hidden sea horses.


Hermit crabs scuttle from shell to shell,

Discarding beauties that will wash ashore,

To be found by collectors of pretty things,

Who will disperse them amongst the grass.


Turtles gather, swimming in harmony,

Whilst dolphins leap through the waves

Catching the last of the sun-

As it disappears into the night.


At night still the sharks are chasing

Little fish swirling in their shoal.

Electric eels zinging quickly

Through the electric darkness.


That is the ocean.


Love, Sydney


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