Groovy baby Poem


This next poem is part of my ‘eyes’ series and is about Jack Johnson who is a rapper and my inspiration. It upsets me how some people only like Jack Gilinsky not Jack AND Jack. I wanted express how amazing he is! I don’t think this is such a problem anymore as people are treating them more equally now!

Groovy baby

So, tell me where you’re from

Tell me your name.

You look like a nice boy,

Mother’s would love- except mine.

My mother loves Gilinsky,

I’ve trained her well.


Are you a ‘geek’?

Not quite-

With the times.

A shadow blocked out.

By the hot one,

Your best friend,

His name’s Gilinsky.


In fact,

You’re the chilliest-

The most philosophical

Of all the people

I’ve seen before,

And you’re pretty,

Pretty damn smart.


I hate when people,

Push you away,

Ignore your brilliance,

Crop you out.

There’s more than one

Jack in Jack and Jack.

You’re groovy baby.


Love, Sydney


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