Ripped up concrete Poem


Today’s poem was a very interesting poem for me to write. I just let this poem go with the flow and I didn’t try to force the words out of myself! My stimulus was a sign that said ‘Reduce speed now’ and I had no idea what I was going to write. I think this is how I write best- not having a clue what’s coming next…

Ripped up concrete

Reduce speed now

Or we’ll never slow down,

Trees are racing past us.

Lonely girl staring out of a window

Admiring the blur of cars

Who aren’t slowing down.

Why slow now?


Guards bristle with anticipation

As I silently slip past

Trying to ignore and be ignored

Respecting these guards

Who are here to protect

What I don’t want them to protect.

There’s no blossom

Balanced on their fingertips.


Shouldn’t I be allowed

To fill my life with mistakes

So I can figure out if,

They are mistakes

There’s a mistake I want to make

Together with, you-

Are the mistake.

We are harmless.


How are we different to any two people in love?

Why would it be different,

If you were a banker

Or I lived in Ireland

By hurting no one

By loving me

You are doing wrong.

Society is more corrupted

Than I ever imagined.

Sentence rapists and

Leave us alone.


You can’t tell us who

To fall madly, deeply in love with,

It’s not our fault who we love

Why can’t you let us be?

Is this really freedom,

To restrict me

From something so harmless.

At least I don’t live in a warzone,

At least I’m not on death row.

These are the things I tell myself

When I think my life is unfair.


We could flee to Morocco

When I turn eighteen,

Except I don’t even know,

If he feels what I feel.

It is because of society.

Our corrupted, dangerous society,

I don’t know what he feels.

It’s not as if anybody cares though.


There’s this Dave Franco lookalike,

Gloriously taking over my TV

And I think I would like him

If you weren’t out of my limit.

Don’t they realise?

I only want you more and more now.

Sorry dude.


If we ever meet in Morocco.

When we meet in Morocco-

I’ll be ignoring that sign that says

Reduce speed now.


Thank you! Love, Sydney


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