Lost at Sea Poem

Today’s poem is part of a series I wrote on ‘eyes’. This one is about Jack Gilinsky who became famous for being a viner and is now more well known for being a singer. When I first met Jack and looked into his eyes I felt so euphoric because I’d waited so long for that moment and in this poem I describe all of the things I felt (cheesy, I know!).

Lost at Sea

Rainbows crisscrossing the sky,

Knitting a warm quilt,

Bursting with every colour-

Colours no one human can see,

Mixing with drops of rain

Rain that floods the world

Ripping trees from their roots

Cracking the earth.

Unleashing a jar of unknowns,

Roaring through the universe

Twisting the stars

Changing Everything.


Angels rejoicing above us

Sweet melodic voices singing.

Buckets of glitter fall,

Upon a field of pink and orange.

Time is reversing-

Bringing dinosaurs back to life.

We race on mammoths,

Our laughter crumbling mountains

Of sugar and candy canes,

Melting into golden puddles of

Lakes filled with diamonds-

Piercing the heavy sheets of black.


Tsunamis pound the shores,

Destroying grain upon grain of sand,

Crushing cruel jagged rocks,

Making millions of hearts race,

Widening the people’s eyes.

Escaping treacherous waves,

Barely clinging to our lives,

Leaping from cloud to cloud,

Dancing on only air,

Kicking wind across the nation.

Caught in the eye of the storm,

Screaming with exhilaration.


That’s what it feels like,

To look into your eyes.


Thank you for reading!

Love, Sydney


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