Mendes Thoughts Poem

Hello! I decided to write this poem because I was touched by the lyrics from ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes: ‘When you fall asleep tonight just remember that we lay under the same stars’. Once again, I wrote this poem with no idea what would come out of the pen next. Stars are my favourite thing and I never really knew why. Writing this poem helped me to understand why I love stars so much.


Mendes Thoughts

There are no words that I could use

That do justice to the beauty of stars.

I’ve finally figured out why,

Stars are my favourite thing.

I believe people can be born,

With a star for their soul.

My mother is living proof of this,

She has an everlasting glow,

That only my eyes can see.


I’m always trying to look up more,

To see the best thing our universe offers:

Like the stars, the moon, the sky.

Clouds feel like my friends-

We both get grey and stormy

But we are full of sunshine too.

Clouds are my touchstone,

At least I know they won’t leave me.

Even when I die- I shall rest in the clouds.


If we were to divide the world,

I’d give you the sun, the flowers,

The oceans, the trees

As long as I have the stars,

The sky, the moon, the clouds.

I don’t need the sun

I already have every other star.


Stars could end wars

If people just looked up

At the peaceful blanket of hope

That watches us while we sleep-

Wherever we are, lost or alone.

Everybody lays or stands

Under the sky that is everywhere,

The sky that unites us.

It is not hard to recognise,

How truly beautiful our sky is.


At eighteen I will go afar,

To seek a better life

To explore away from here.

I am scared to be alone

Without my mother’s hand.

There will be no one.

But I will remember-

That we lay under the same stars.

I’ll never be alone.


I worry when you’ll die

Who will be there?

No one knows me

In the way that you do.

Looking up at the night sky-

I know you’ll be there

You’ll be the brightest star

And you’ll make me fall in love-

With the night,

All over again.


I hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Sydney


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