Irrational (Romesh Ranganathan) Review


I hope everyone that has been on a school break has had a lovely holiday! Today I am going to be reviewing Romesh Ranganathan’s ‘Irrational’ show. I saw him perform at the Oxford Playhouse previously this week alongside his support act, Phil Jerrod.

Personally, I could not relate much to Jerrod’s material so I did not find him to be hilarious. I found him to be quite theatrical and overbearing without being funny. I think that there were some jokes that caused a few laughs so he was okay- there could have been a worse support act. He was ‘average’ in one word.

Contrastingly, I found Romesh absolutely hilarious! My favourite parts were when he interacted with the audience, in particular with one guy that was sat in the front row and looked like him. It turned out that this man worked at Papa Johns and Romesh was quick to make jokes about customer service and the rivalry between Papa Johns and Dominos. It was really clever how Romesh could make fun of situations as they happened. For example, after the interval Romesh asked whether the audience had done anything ‘fun’ during the interval and the same man (Papa Johns guy) replied that he had purchased some cake from the bar. Romesh turned it into a very comical situation by asking if anybody else was eating cake in the audience and then good naturedly made fun of the man for being the only member of the audience to be eating cake.

Even though I had heard some of the material before, I did think that it flowed a lot better and seemed more like natural story telling. One of the best told stories was about his children and how after having a lovely first child he then came to have a ‘feral’ second child. With affection he recounted what horrors his children had been up to as well as telling jokes involving his wife. I found his material to be fairly relatable as he had made some very humorous observations about day to day things such as people finding it hilarious to put the wrong name on their Starbucks order as a joke. A very modern, relevant and entertaining show- I cannot wait to see more!

Love, Sydney


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