Edward Cullen Trial- Part 4

Hello! Happy April Fool’s Day! So we have finally reached the last instalment in the Edward court case. The aim of today is to hear the closing statements from the prosecutors and defenders then Edward’s sentence shall be passed.

Just to recap what’s happened so far:

  • Edward Cullen is accused of domestic violence against Isabella Cullen
  • Both prosecutors and Defenders gave an opening statement
  • The prosecutors questioned Charlie Swan
  • The defenders questioned Carlisle Cullen
  • Today marks the end of this case.

The prosecutors will now give their final statement:

Edward Cullen is a dangerous man. Charlie Swan is uncomfortable with Bella living with Edward as he is concerned for her safety. There is no question that Bella severely injured herself on two separate occasions whilst with Edward. There are pictures and documents showing finger shaped bruises on Bella’s body as well as broken bones. It has not escaped our attention that the pair married at a very young age after knowing each other for a short period of time. A close high school friend said ‘Edward is very intimidating and he probably pressurised Bella into marriage’. It is not safe for Bella to be around Edward.

The defenders will now give their final statement:

There is no conclusive evidence to show that Edward Cullen has ever hurt Bella. Bella claims that Edward has never hurt her (Okay I know this wasn’t in the thing but still she would say this) and she was not even the person to get in contact with the police. I have no concerns about her safety with Edward. They are living only a short distance from the rest of Edward’s family, and there presence provides Bella with a safe and secure environment. There have not been any severe injuries directly caused by Edward. Edward is seen as a role model at his high school, with outstanding grades. Charlie doesn’t like Bella living with Edward yet he gave them his blessing to get married. I cannot find any issues with their current relationship.

Okay so that is the last we will hear of the prosecutors and defenders. The jury will now give their verdict.

The jury think Edward Cullen is innocent of domestic abuse against Isabella Cullen. There is inconclusive evidence to support this accusation.

AND FINALLY, let’s hear the judge pass Edward’s sentence…

Edward Cullen is to be given a restraining order. He must stay away from Isabella Cullen and Charlie Swan. The restraining order shall be removed when there is conclusive evidence given.

I know that a lot of people have picked up on Edward’s abusive manner in Twilight or you could argue lack of. I personally find some of Edward’s actions abusive, for example he broke Bella’s car once to stop her from seeing her best friend. Personally, I do actually approve of their relationship though because I do think that he cares for her. I would be very interested to hear if anybody thinks that Edward is abusive in the books towards Bella, regardless of this case I’ve written? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Sydney


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