The 1975 Concert Review


Today I am going to review a concert that I recently attended in Brixton!

I went to see ‘The 1975’, who are my sister’s favourite band (she is literally obsessed with them). My sister has forced me to listen to their music on multiple occasions so I came round to liking them and I knew so many of their lyrics. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but at least I knew the vast majority of their songs, so I guessed I would have fun.

We arrived only a little before the doors opened but we still managed to make it into the middle of the crowd. The floor was sloped so we could actually see fairly well. I preferred to not be at the barrier because that meant I ended up with personal space and I didn’t leave with a bruised ribcage (I also didn’t have to awkwardly make eye contact with the support act #IsItJustMe?).

I had never listened to ‘The Japanese House’ before so I didn’t know what they would be like but I thought they were quite a good band. They weren’t really my type of music but I thought that their set list was great and they were such a chill band. No one near me moved all that much whilst they played but it was a nice warm up before ‘The 1975’ came on.

I was buzzing before ‘The 1975’ bounded onto the stage. Well, I guess they exploded rather than bounded onto the stage. It didn’t seem real to me that soon Matty would be swaggering around with his red wine on stage. I felt so much love and respect for them, for the people that help my sister get through life. When it went dark my heart was pounding. As soon as the opening bars of ‘Love Me’ rang out across the stage I became hysterical.

Their set list was so long and utterly brilliant. It felt absolutely amazing to dance along and throw my hair around. I thought that their stage presence was immense and charismatic- they commanded the attention of every single person in the room. I think that they have created an original and thematic new album and all of the songs that they played off the album were very refreshing! ‘Somebody else’ could only be described as ‘liquidy’ and fluid; I think it was one of my favourite songs that they performed as it felt quite trance like but I still enjoyed dancing to it.

What separated this concert from any other I’ve been to was the aesthetics. The aesthetics made the concert visually stunning and added value to each song. It showed that the band had put time into thinking about how they wanted to present themselves and their music to the fans. The back drop during ‘Medicine’ was gorgeous whereas the back drop for ‘If I Believe You’ was so enchanting. It made me smile when Matty asked for everyone to put their phones away for ‘Me’ because he was correct in his reasoning- why should we document everything for other people, we should think about ourselves. It did annoy me that some people didn’t respect his wishes but otherwise it was a serene yet impactful moment.

Hands down, the best part of the concert for me was when they performed ‘If I Believe You’ at the start of the encore. It was so transformative with the bright pure lighting and the choir that joined the band for the encore. I felt as if I was taking a journey skywards as I listened to the powerful lyrics; it was incredibly captivating and beautiful. The end was very energetic as everybody jumped up and down to ‘Sex’- a perfect end to the concert, leaving everyone on a high.

I would definitely recommend going to see ‘The 1975’ as it was so different yet so wonderful!

Love, Sydney



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