Spreading (more) positivity!


A few weeks ago I wrote about my friends and I spread some positivity. I really enjoyed writing about the special people in my life so today I am going to write about one of my closest friends, Ally.

Ally is such a sweet bundle of joyfulness; she practically bounds from place to place. I love that she’s so miniature because it makes her even more adorable and makes me feel especially protective of my tiny friend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her angry or miserable (not that that’s a bad thing) – she is always infectiously happy.

If I need to ask her an odd question or get her advice in a strange situation, I’m always 100% sure that she will support me and guide me through my issues without any prejudice. Ally gives the best hugs and when we talk we always do this thing where we play with each other’s hands so we are connected and it shows how much we care about each other.

Also, Ally’s so thoughtful! I cried when she gave me my birthday card because she had put so much effort into making it and the words were incredibly beautiful. I am extremely lucky to be friends with such a giving and understanding person. Life without her would be a life where the night lasts forever because the sun is too afraid to compete with her light.

Ally never tires of hearing about the guy I’m in love with. I’m forever apologising to her for talking about him but she says that she loves talking about him; she is probably more enthusiastic than I am! Ally doesn’t think I’m silly either; everyday she comes up with a new way of getting us together. I love Ally more than I could ever put into words and I am eternally grateful for her smiles and endless hugs.

So there you go, another piece of positivity! Thank you for reading.

Love, Sydney



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