Deep Water Review

Aloha! I am going to be reviewing Deep Water by Jo Cotterill. I’m excited to review this book because I love Jo Cotterill!

“He fancied you, Pearl. Don’t you notice anything?”

Pearl can’t believe her luck when she’s selected for the British Synchronized Swimming team, competing at the London Olympics. It’s a dream come true! But non-stop training leaves less time for friends and fun- a sacrifice Pearl is willing to make if it means her team can bring home a medal… Even cheeky journalist Bailey won’t distract her from going for gold. But he has other ideas!


First of all, let me just say I haven’t read this book for ages, so this review may be a bit dodgy. It’s a lovely, quick read which I’ve read two or three times. I like the whole concept of the Sweet Hearts Series; basically it’s a romance story revolving around the girl’s hobbie e.g dancing, ice skating and in this case: synchronized swimming. Synchronized is such a hard word to spell damn. It is quite a nice idea and I find it pretty cute. It’s also really interesting to learn about synchronized swimming.


The bit that I and probably many other people found most heart wrenching was all the stuff about Pearl’s family. I thought all the emotions were beautifully portrayed and it was realistic. Especially when Bailey and Pearl were arguing about how he called her Mum needy. I felt really bad for Bailey because to be fair he didn’t know it was her mum and he didn’t mean it in a mean way. Like, I get where Pearl’s coming from but grow up love. I guess most people would get angry with Bailey like Pearl but I’m a unique individual.


Fun fact: I was just thinking if you put Bailey and Pearl together, it sounds like Pearl Barley. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I suppose it’s something for you to think about. It’s nice that in this book *SPOILER ALERT* Bailey and Pearl get together but they don’t rush it and it’s just a cute kiss at the end. Half the books these days are like children of Fifty Shades of Grey. Okay, definitely not as extreme but like teenage versions. Go Jo for writing a cute, normal (in a good way) book.

I would say that this is my favourite book in the Sweet Hearts Series, as it is more relatable to me as my sister is a competitive swimmer. Forget me not and Ice dreams aren’t very relatable as I’m not a florist or an ice skater. I still really like those as well, in particular Ice Dreams. The relationship between the ice skater (it’s been a long time okay) and Zac (?) was my favourite of all the relationships because they hated each other but then they loved each other (Aw…).

If you’ve never read any Jo Cotterill books then you definitely should because she’s an awesome writer. She’s such a lovely person as well (I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions). Good bye!

Love, Sydney


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