Edward Cullen Trial part 3

Heya everyone!

I figured that today I would give the defenders a chance to ask Carlisle some questions, like the prosecutors did with Charlie. Hopefully, next week Edward’s sentence will be passed.


I would like to call Carlisle Cullen to the witness box.

Can you describe the relationship between you and your son, Edward?

Edward is and always will be my brilliant son. We know each other so well that he probably knows what I’m thinking most of the time. Our relationship is full of love and trust. We help each other; he has never hurt me and I know he never will.

Do you like Isabella Swan?

Of course I like Bella. Bella is undoubtedly part of my family. All of my family love Bella, we would do anything for her. In fact, we were all there for her when she was recently ill.

Have you seen Edward being violent in any way?

I think most of us get frustrated at times, but this is human nature. Edward has never been violent toward Bella in my presence. He has never shown any violence towards us because he knows better than that. From his grades at school you can see he is an incredibly bright young man who has common sense.

So I take it that you believe he did not abuse Isabella Cullen?

I know he did not hurt Bella; he loves her and you would be blind to not be able to see that. Bella is the first woman he has brought into our lives for ages and this is for a reason. That reason is that she is his soulmate, who he would do anything for. Yes, Bella has been ill around Edward but that is because I am a Doctor and Bella feels more comfortable with me looking after her.

What was wrong with Bella the two previous times (mentioned) when she was ill?

The first time, Bella had accidently fallen down stairs and broke several bones. On the other occasion, Bella was already weakened by her pregnancy therefore she suffered severely from her flu. This was nothing to do with Edward.

Thank you Carlisle. Whilst Charlie does not feel safe with Edward living with Bella, Carlisle is happy with this as he says he trusts his son. Carlisle has confirmed that Bella was in fact ill on the two occasions mentioned so this provides evidence that Edward was looking after Bella not abusing her. As Carlisle is a doctor, we should be able to trust that he has never seen any marks that suggest physical abuse on Bella. I also know from reading previous statements that Bella is a bit of a ‘klutz’. This could explain why people may claim to see bruises and cuts on Bella.


Okay so that’s all for now! Next time I shall be deciding whether Edward is guilty is or not… at this moment in time I’m not sure if he is guilty. We’ll have to wait and see!

Love, Sydney


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