My London Trip- part 2


Sorry for the wait but today I’ll finish talking about my London day trip.

After the Tate Modern we went to the London Eye. For some reason I’d never been on it before so I was tremendously excited to go on it. The queuing was very quick as we had already booked our tickets. It was lovely and dusky when we went up; we had plenty of time to admire the city. There was sufficient room to walk around and there were also seats available. I appreciated the device that told you what everything was as I discovered parts of the city I’d never seen before.

Once we’d dismounted we made our way to the restaurant we had selected beforehand: Bill’s. After some guidance, we found it tucked away in the corner of a beautiful courtyard. I would definitely recommend ‘Bill’s’ as it had such a warm atmosphere in there. Both my Mum and I really enjoyed the food plus it was at a very reasonable price.

To end our trip, we walked to the Phoenix theatre, which was only two minutes away. We were extremely excited to see ‘Bend it like Beckham’ the musical as it is one of my favourite films. I was curious as I wondered how they were going to create songs and play football on the stage. I was disappointed to discover that Jamie Campbell Bower was no longer acting in it but it was still utterly brilliant. The way the songs were put together was so cleverly done and the dances that went with them were energetically sensational. I would highly recommend that you go and watch it because the actors are simply outstanding.

There’s so much that I still haven’t discovered in London so I hope I get to visit again soon!

Love, Sydney



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