Teenage party idea!

Hello! Today I have decided to share with you a cheap, fun way of celebrating a teenage birthday! As a teenage girl, when I was searching for something to do with my friends for my birthday, I couldn’t find anything suitable and affordable that involved a lot of people. So I decided to just invite all of my friends round my house and I shall tell you what we did!

With a £25 budget and a guess list of 16 girls, the only party idea I had was for everyone to come round my house. I had it during the holidays on a week day in the afternoon, so my parents’ would be at work. They knew I was having people round but it was just easier for us to have the whole of the downstairs and for my parents’ to be out. I decided for the party to take place at 2-5pm because then I didn’t have to spend money on lunch and dinner as I could just provide snacks. I preferred having people round for 3 hours rather than an entire sleepover as there wasn’t much room for everybody to sleep and it meant that we had enough time to socialise and do a couple of activities without anyone getting bored.

To start with, we all sat in the living room and I opened my presents then I asked everyone if they wanted a drink, which immediately lifted the mood and get everybody moving around. I set up a mocktails bar in the kitchen, so we could all have fun making drinks without the odd person throwing up on the carpet. I chose three simple recipes and wrote them on card that was blutacked to the cupboards for everyone to see. Everyone had a glass with their name written on it in sharpie (this was actually really cheap) so no one’s glass was mixed up. I left the ingredients in the kitchen and everybody just got on with it and had a great time!

I ordered a photo booth box for about £6 on Amazon and everyone loved using it! We all took a funny pair of glasses or a beard and stuck it onto a stick. We then took turns holding up the large photo frame whilst wearing the funny facial features and someone else would take a photo of us. This meant that I then had a photo with each of my party guests and we had a great time messing around with the hats and tiaras! I also asked my sister to take a group picture of us in the garden so everyone could go home with a picture from the day.

Now that I had everyone together after taking the group photo, we went back inside and played the pass the parcel. I wasn’t sure whether this would be too childish but everyone seemed to love it as we were all laughing. There was a forfeit in each layer as well as a sweet to keep us all entertained. My sister did the music and made sure that everyone had a chance to do a forfeit. There was also a runner up layer and of course the prize. After that everybody just ate the snacks and chatted whilst some of us did henna tattoos.

Everybody told me they had a great time and I did too! This was definitely my favourite birthday celebration by far and it was also the cheapest. Feel free to comment any questions about what the mocktail recipes were or what forfeits I used in the pass the parcel etc.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Sydney



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