The Holiday Film Review

Hello! Seeing as it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I am going to share a review of my favourite romantic film- ‘The Holiday’. This review may seem a bit strange and simple as I originally wrote it in Spanish for a piece of work that had to contain certain elements. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my review!

My favourite film is ‘The Holiday’, which is a very romantic movie directed by Nancy Meyers. It tells the story of two women who are called Iris and Amanda. They live in England and USA but they swap houses because they have guy problems so they decide that they need a break. However, on their break they still manage to find love. It is set in Los Angeles and Surrey at Christmas time. Iris is played by Kate Winslet and Amanda is played by Cameron Diaz. Also, there are two main male characters; they are called Graham and Miles. Graham is Iris’s brother and he is played by Jude Law. Miles is played by Jack Black.

My favourite characters are Graham and his daughters: Olivia and Sophie. I like Graham because he is unforgettable and he is affectionate with his daughters as well as Amanda. Olivia and Sophie are very entertaining because they are simply adorable!

At the start of the film, Iris went to Los Angeles and met a man who was called Miles that she fell in love with but he didn’t like Iris because he had a girlfriend. Also, at the same time Amanda went to Surrey where she met Graham; they fell in love and went on dates. However, Amanda was worried because she had to leave Graham at the end of her holiday. Meanwhile, Miles left his girlfriend so he fell in love with Iris and they decided to go to England. Furthermore, Amanda decided to stay in England. Finally, all four characters spent New Year’s Eve in England.

Even though Graham, Sophie and Olivia are all my favourite characters, I think that Olivia is the best character because she is fascinating as she is quite young. I love Olivia because she is happy and blissful; she is as happy as a lark! I like Olivia more than Sophie because Sophie is slightly strange.

I believe that ‘The Holiday’ is better than ’10 Things I Hate About You’ because it is more modern. In addition to this, the script is much more romantic but also sincere. Consequently, I would give ‘The Holiday’ five stars but I would give ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ four stars as the soundtrack is not as good, because the music is less personal to the characters.

One of the reasons I would recommend ‘The Holiday’ is because the characters are given a song each in the film, which is very touching. The only thing I would change is the special effects because it is obvious to me when they have been used. Overall- it is a wonderful, heart-warming film!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

Love, Sydney



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