Jim- Part 4 Poem


Thank you so much for your positive response to the first three instalments of my poem ‘Jim’. Today I am going to be sharing the final part of the poem with you. I think that this part of the poem could be seen as over dramatic and perhaps immature. I feel like this part of the poem shows the narrator growing up but also I feel that is shows them feeling insecure and perhaps leaning towards their childish tendencies again; it is as if the poem goes round in full circle. I didn’t intend for the poem to turn out this way and I guess it shows how poetry has transformed me. Anyway, please enjoy my poem!

Jim- Part 4

And I would give up everything,

Even my Australian dream

Just to be able to hold your hand

For one moment in time.

I wouldn’t want anything

Except that moment.

You wouldn’t do that for me,

And I wish I wouldn’t for you.

This is why I hate my feelings.


But at least I know

One day I will rip

This pathetic poem up

Tear your hand off my heart

Never think of you again.

Because someone will want me,



Now I’m as tall as Daddy,

I don’t want anything.

Because if I want then I will hurt.

If I want, then I will cry

But I don’t want to cry.

Crying means you win.

Instead I’ll keep telling myself

I don’t want anything.


I’m crying now

So I never cry again.

Mummy is still taller than me.


Once again thank you for reading this poem!

Love, Sydney


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