Jim- Part 3 Poem

Hello again!
As promised, today I shall be sharing with you the third part of the poem ‘Jim’.

Jim- Part 3

Now I am not so sure.

What do I want?

There is this thing-

I’m certain I want

But what if at twenty

I write another poem

Saying I do not want that-

I want another.

This is what scares me.

I do not want to want anything else.

Objectively- I will want more.


My feelings scare me.

I do not want to grow up,

Like I used to rush to do.

I’m scared of the future,

And that is why I aspire

To earn thousands of pounds.

Then even if I am not happy

I still have a house.

Being practical is my

Safety net.


You are the person

that will make me cry,

sing, scream, sob Adele,

Make me so unsure about

I guess everything?

I’m not in love with you

Because how could I

When I’m just a teen.

‘Just a teen’ doesn’t know,

What love is.

So if I can’t be in love

I can still ‘love’ you

As much as ‘just a teen’ can.


I think that this part of the poem shows how the narrator is now looking at the future, instead of the present and the things they want are changing. I also think that the tone has changed from greed to desperation or fear. The final part is to follow next week.

Love, Sydney


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