Jim-Part 2 Poem


Last poetry post I shared with you ‘Jim- part 1’. Now I am going to share the second part of the poem. I think this part of the poem explores what I wanted in my teenage years and it shows the change for a child to a teenager.

Jim- Part 2

Almost as tall as Daddy,

I still bought tons of clothes.

Father Christmas still came.

A million books fell

Out of his sack.

It was then I realised

My family is what I want.

Just an hour spent with

Mummy, Daddy, Lucy and Auntie

Was more special than

Every single book of mine.


Even though I knew this,

I still wanted much more.

My first love came along

And what a waste of time that was.

Not only did I want him,

I wanted a bracelet for my birthday-

Some shoes for Christmas,

Cheese balls for New Year’s Eve.


I’ve discovered now

That it is human nature to want.

It seems I always want

What is not mine to have.

Even the devoted monks

Want the approval of God.

Though I am trying.

Trying not to want material things.

At the end they are just things

In a charity shop.


I want Jack Gilinsky

Or maybe Johnson,

I want to see the world

Like nobody has ever seen it,

I want to live in Australia

To study for my degree,

I want that pretty dress

Hanging in Hollister,

I seem to want everything

Although I know I should not.


Well I hope you enjoyed the next part! I will post the next part soon!

Love, Sydney




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