Jim-Part 1 poem

Hi everyone!

Once again I would just like to thank you all for reading my blog and for your lovely comments- they really make my day! Today I am going to be sharing with you a poem that is written in four parts about simply wanting things. I hope you enjoy the first part!

Jim- Part1

When I was younger

All I wanted were Bratz and Barbies

Or the new Peppa Pig item.

Anything purple and glittery

Had to be mine or I would cry

Until my mum gave in,

Then I would play for a week

And hate that new Bratz doll.

All I knew was more more more-

So that’s what I wanted.


Those stupid wasteful toys

Began to go away,

When I learned I could:

Buy blue eyeshadow, purple eyeliner,

A thousand shades of nail varnish,

Buckets of blusher fit for clowns

And I guess that’s what I was.

I was Troy Bolton’s eight year old girlfriend.


Even as I grew

Taller than Luc, Auntie, Nanny,

Money was still one of the best

Things that I had ever touched.

There was still much more-

Like books, clothes, books,

For me to lay my hands on

Because I was greedy

And I did not think

Of the children in Africa

That want my dinner.

“A kid in Africa would love your casserole.”


I look forward to sharing the next part of the poem with you! My aim for this part of the poem was to show my naivety to the world around me and lack of understanding for the mechanics of money when I was younger.

Love, Sydney


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