Dear Self,

Hola hola

So recently I’ve been thinking about motivation and my new year’s resolutions. This lead me to thinking about what would motivate me to achieve my goals. I think that people can help you to achieve your goals but ultimately, I think that it’s you, yourself, that is the person that will help you achieve your goals. This left me to wonder, if I wrote a letter to myself what would I say? I guess that I’m the only person that really knows what will motivate me and I know what I want to hear. Anyway, I decided to write myself a quick letter just to put my life into perspective and to give me a little boost at the beginning of the year.

Dear Self,

Hey, it’s ok. You’ve made it through a few years in this world and look what you’ve done. You’ve managed to get through losing your best friend, three times and through genuinely losing an angel. You know that you have so many supportive friends around you and you have to know that you have your mum, your sister and your auntie. You’re going to do this, you’re going to get through life and this is going to be your best year yet. Remember what the Jacks said- “You have to know you’ve got two guys up here that will never leave your side.” Get through life for them. Get through life for your Mum. And most of all, get through life for Oscar. You’ll never have him, but you at least deserve to live like you would if you were with him. I love you. It’s all okay.

When it all gets too much, just listen to the Jack’s music. You can talk to Sarah or your Mum if you want. Callie has your back if you want to talk about Oscar. I believe in you. C’mon girl!! You need to stop putting things off- don’t wait till next weekend, by then you know you’ll have something else to do. It’s time to get in shape. You want to travel the world, to go to university, to fall in love… but you might not have enough time to do that if you stay unfit. It’s like so many people say: “Life is short, live it while you still can”. You should do that. You’ve had plenty of time to mope around and feel sorry for yourself, but now it’s time for you to be happy. Here’s to 2016!!

I hope that everyone finds happiness this year!

Love, Sydney



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