Dear School,

And so onto the last post of the day… I have decided to do another letter, this time to my school. To start with, I would just like to say that I love my school but there are some issues I would like to raise.

Dear School,

I have issues with you.

Firstly, why was I forced to do many subjects that I deem to be pointless for the first two years? Surely the most important thing is my GCSEs and I should have spent more time doing those subjects. I also find some of the core subjects that we do irrelevant and I wish that students were able to express their views on this. It would be nice to have a study period instead.

Also, I’m really annoyed that I had to do Computer Science and Triple Science. Why wasn’t I given options? My year group was one of the only two years that had to take Computer Science if they were of a certain level. I find this unfair as I would have rather taken ICT. I am grateful for the opportunity but I would have liked to have been given the same choice that others had. You talk about empowering women but then you restrict us. How is my education affected by blue hair or a pencil skirt? The only person judging me is you. I understand that by having a uniform we are all the same and we are united as a school. However, you keep banning things that make us individuals and I find it unfair and to be honest quite unnecessary.

Another thing that irritates me is the amount of homework we are given. I think it’s acceptable to tell me to revise for a test but otherwise I see little relevance to the homework I have been given. Do we not work hard enough at school? I swear all of my weekend is spent doing homework. This may not be the case for all students, but I take pride in my work and so I like to spend time completing it to a high standard. Quite often, we are given work that we did not complete in class as homework. I think that if the students were working hard in the lesson, it is not their fault that they did not complete the intended amount of work and therefore it is unfair for them to then have to complete the work at home.

The thing that really vexes me is your expectations. Being told I was ‘smart’ and ‘above average’ from the moment I set foot in this school was probably the worst thing to happen to me at this school. Do you know how hard it is to be ‘gifted and talented’ in all of my subjects apart from science? Now I seem to question my entire existence when I don’t excel at something right away. There’s so much pressure on me- I’ve never been predicted a B- all of my predicted grades are A*s. Why can’t I live a life where I’m happy and there are no expectations of me?

Of course, I am so grateful to go to school. There are so many brilliant things I love about school, but these things plague my mind daily and regularly distress me.

Yours (ironically),

An appreciative student

This post was not meant to be offensive, I was just trying to explain what parts of school irritate me, although I do realise that I am VERY lucky to go to school. I’d love to know what other peoples’ views are on school.

Thank you.

Love, Sydney



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