Cathy Hopkins’s Books Review


I am going to be reviewing all of Cathy Hopkins’s books (as a series) because I love her writing (apart from I’m not going to review Playlist for a broken heart as I’ve already done that in another post).

Mates, Dates

I adore the Mates, Dates series. Out of all the books I’ve read I’ve reread these books the most. They’re just perfect to read if you don’t really want to think about anything. Don’t get me wrong I love Divergent and things like that but it can be a bit heavy going. If I ever have any spare time I can lie down on my bed and read these books for hours. They’re just really lovely and ‘teenagery’ if that’s a thing.

Zodiac Girls

I thought I would hate these books but I read them anyway because I wanted to read all of Cathy Hopkins’s books. Actually I found them quite entertaining and a light read. I probably wouldn’t read them again but they were definitely really good and not too childish. As I call them, they’re not ‘effort’ books. I liked in anyway because it was about star signs and I like things like that.

Million Dollar Mates

Out of all of Cathy Hopkins’s books I like these the least apart from Love at Second Sight. I still liked them but they didn’t flow as much as her other books. I also didn’t feel like I knew any of the characters, I just wasn’t as involved. The story line didn’t impress me either. It wasn’t a ‘cosy’ book it felt clinical like the place the main girl was staying in. Although I did like the book set in India but it wasn’t as good as the Cinnamon Girl book that was set in Greece.

Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise

I love this series! Not as much as Mates, Dates, but it’s still really good; I just wouldn’t reread it as much. My favourite bit was when Mates, Dates characters came to Cornwall and they met up with all the characters in these books. What I loved about these books was that each book was from a different person’s POV. It depends but normally I like it when there’s different POVs in the story so I was really happy. Plus, the books were all really romantic so that made me jubilant.

Cinnamon Girl

I didn’t actually like Cinnamon Girl to start with but there were some brilliant moments throughout the series. I especially liked the book set in Greece; it sounded really nice so I want to go there now. The only thing that bugged me was when she had three guys on the go and firstly I thought that was very unrealistic and secondly how many guys does she want?! Then she was so indecisive, so it annoyed me.

Love at Second Sight

I don’t really like this book. It was ok at the end but it actually freaked me out a bit. The girl was trying to find out about her past life, which was I found uncomfortable. I genuinely had a nightmare one night; I just really didn’t like it. I do like it a bit though because it’s a Cathy Hopkins book.

Love, Sydney



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