Ten Things I Love About Reading!

Hello, today I am going to share with you ten things I love about reading!

  1. Books can turn into awesome movies- Just look at Twilight, TFIOS, If I stay, Love Rosie… I could go on. I don’t really know what else to say, except how cool is it to see your favourite story come alive on the big screen. When Divergent came out I was so ecstatic I was screaming the whole way through.
  2. It brings people together- When I had time I used to run a book club at school for younger students and quite a lot of people went to it. There was one girl in particular that was really cute and funny, so I’m really glad that I ran the book club so I could meet her.
  3. Reading helps me learn to speak a bit better and have a wider vocabulary- I don’t think it’s hard to tell that I’m not very articulate, and I don’t use particularly ambitious vocabulary! However, reading does help me to pick up a few more higher level words here and there, even if it’s just one word that I remember from a whole book, it can still be really useful. For example, I learnt the word ‘mundane’ from The Mortal Instruments and I try to use it as much as possible because it sounds better than ‘boring’.
  4. It keeps me occupied- This is going to sound awful, but I don’t have time to read anymore. I do try to read as much as possible, I just don’t get to as much as I would like to anymore. When I’m on a plane or on a ferry, I find it a great way to entertain myself. Especially for younger children that constantly want something to do, reading is great! The only problem is that it can keep you occupied for too long. There’s so many things I need to do sometime but I’ll be reading on Wattpad instead of making dinner or something so then I won’t get as much sleep.
  5. You can read about situations that you wish you were in (your dreams could be in a story)- For example, on Wattpad I search up things like Jack Gilinsky fanfic or stories in Australia because I really want to meet Jack Gilinsky and I really want to live in Australia so I like reading about it and imagining it’s me. I think it’s nice to imagine yourself in situations you want to be in sometimes!
  6. It’s relaxing- I want to go to sleep when I’m reading and I mean that in a nice way. It can be annoying because if I get into tutor and I sit there reading on my phone I just want to go home because I’m tired, but it’s nice to do in the evening. It’s lovely to read after a stressful day because reading calms me down a lot.
  7. If you use Wattpad or the library it’s free to do- Wattpad is awesome that’s all I want to say. I’ve become more and more addicted to it like I have tea. So it can be free which is really good if you spend a lot of your money on books like I do! I also like using the library a lot because quite often I only want to read a book once, and if I use the library I don’t have to waste money on a book that I’m only going to read once in my life.
  8. Reading is educational- Well you can’t argue with that! Students read all the time at school.
  9. Certain things you read may be relatable and help you- In Susane Colasanti’s sensational novel, the main character feels suicidal but she learns to get over those feelings during the course of the novel. I think reading the book would be a huge support to other people in the same situation. The book is dedicated to people who feel like they couldn’t keep holding on, so I think it’s a great encouragement to people to KEEP HOLDING ON.
  10. They make you ambitious- Reading books inspires me to live the amazing lives that some of the characters have. I am also inspired by certain author such as Jandy Nelson to become an author myself.                                                                                                 I suppose that’s all for now, good bye! Love, Sydney

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