Almond Eyes- Poem

Hello! Today I shall be sharing with you another poem; this poem is called ‘Almond Eyes’.


It wasn’t immediate,

You took your time,

To look at me,

With those almond eyes.


You started off wrong,

But you turned it around,

My head went ding-dong,

My heart went pound.


September, October,

November, December,

Time ticked by,

My dreams began to die.


I dreamed of freedom,

I yearned for your love,

One day you would know,

You would yearn for my love.


Society between us,

You weren’t allowed my love,

If there were no boundaries,

You wouldn’t want my love.



Following the crowd,

I’m not enough,

The ‘Beauty’ is though.


You could be wrong,

And I could be right,

We both know I’m wrong,

We all know you’re right.



Then engaged,

Then married,

Then gone.


Not you and me,

You and her.


What do you see with your almond eyes?

A deep blue sea?

Or chestnut gloss?

Do you see at all?


It was immediate,

It took no time,

To crush my heart,

With those almond eyes.


‘Almond Eyes’ was written by me three years ago and it was based on the book ‘Matched’ by Ally Condie. This poem was written when I didn’t appreciate poetry like I do now, so it is interesting to see how my poetry has changed. I feel as though this poem is quite forced structurally and I think the meaning of ‘Almond Eyes’ is pretty straight forward.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Sydney


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