Response to Twilight Criticism

Hi! So I found this video called ‘50 reasons why Twilight sucks’ and before I go any further I just want to make it clear that I respect their opinions and I mean to cause no offence. I would like to challenge the first 20 of their ideas though just to be interesting. There was a time when I would have strongly disagreed (see below) but now I agree with some of the statements.

  1. Bella’s constant bitching- Well. I would like some evidence for this thank you very much. I don’t think she constantly bitches, she doesn’t really have anyone to bitch about. If she bitches at all, I don’t think it’s a bad thing as loads of people bitch in their head and the purpose of the book is to get inside her head.
  2. The entire book is composed of long-winded narrations about how Edward is gorgeous/ beautiful/ god-like/ perfect- Er no the book is not all about Edward- what about the last book which was all about Renesmee. In the first one it’s actually about Bella and her getting killed by James. Also the book is about vampires and vampires are beautiful.
  3. Bella is a weak, whiny non-heroin- I don’t think she’s weak at all. If you call constantly putting your life in danger to save others weak then that is not ok. Even if that’s not what you meant then I still think you’re wrong in calling Bella weak.
  4. The overly descriptive, flowery purple prose- I thought lots of people were saying it’s under descriptive, is there no happy medium? I really don’t think it’s overly descriptive. I’d like to see all the haters write it better than that then. Further down the list there’s something about not going into enough depth, which is basically contradicting yourself.
  5. Bella is a Mary Sue- Right I just googled what that meant and Bella was never supposed to be perfect. If people thought she wasn’t perfect they’d probably say she’s really whiny and needs to get over herself.
  6. Edward is a Gary Stu- I googled this as well and seeing as Bella isn’t a Mary Sue, Edward can’t be a Gary Stu. I was going to say can this person use proper English but I realised that would be extremely hypocritical of me.
  7. It promotes teenage marriage- Is teenage marriage a bad thing if you’re legal? I don’t necessarily think so. Edward is really old and Bella is nearly 19.
  8. It promotes teenage pregnancy- Once again they’re quite old and they could provide well for the baby so I don’t think that was a problem. I don’t think promote is the right word anyway.
  9. It promotes abusive (and unrealistic) boyfriends- Has this person ever had a boyfriend?! Firstly of course it’s going to be a bit unrealistic because it’s a fictional book and he’s a vampire. Secondly some boyfriends can be so sweet like Edward giving Bella his mother’s wedding ring. Ooh and thirdly, I do actually agree with the abusive bit but he did warn her off him and he got better in the last book. The only problem I have about Twilight is the abusive side of things but I don’t think that it was being promoted, it was just a fictional thing. He isn’t like some people, I mean he does actually love Bella.
  10. It promotes not going to college or getting a good education- Actually if you read the book properly, you’ll notice the Cullen’s have graduated many times and so did Bella. How many books feature people dropping out of high school anyway? Edward did actually say Bella had to go to college in the future. I don’t think it matters because you don’t have to go to college, it’s not like Bella needs a job.
  11. It promotes abandoning your entire family for one person- REALLY?! ENTIRE FAMILY?! The only person was Renee and she never sees her anyway.
  12. Bella is disrespectful to her parents… inconsistently- What do you mean inconsistently? Come on how many people are disrespectful to their parents, it’s not a new thing. I don’t think she is and she can do what she wants as she’s 18 most of the series.
  13. It basically says a good boyfriend is one who buys you plenty of expensive, shiny new things all the time- It basically did not say any of that. Bella doesn’t want anything anyway.
  14. Bella is an ungrateful bitch who just can’t enjoy a thoughtful present- She just doesn’t like the attention! We all like getting presents but we feel a bit bad about getting them (well I think most people are like that anyway?).
  15. Utter lack of character development-How about utter lack of sentence development?
  16. Its underdeveloped, boring plot (or lack thereof)- Well what more do you want to happen? I think you could argue this for many books so it’s an invalid point. It’s just personal opinion and there are many people who think the plot is anything but boring, with all the fights and the wedding.
  17. Its author makes an ass of herself during every interview- Can’t really comment as I’ve never seen an interview, but this isn’t really anything to do with the book itself.
  18. It’s a first unedited, draft of a 300-page manuscript written in 5 months (or at least it reads like one)- Um it’s not unedited and once again I’d like to see you do better.
  19. The characters lack any sort of depth (they’re basically just puppets being hoisted around a story where nothing happens)- The characters do have depth, there’s a lot of turbulence between the characters in the last book.
  20. The rabid fans who think they’re the only ones who have the right to their own opinion- I guess I would count as a rabid fan so it’s not really my place to comment.
  21. I deeply apologise if my response has offended anyone. It was meant in a more humorous way and now I can see both sides of the argument.

Love, Sydney


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