Bucket List- Poem


I hope everybody is having a great week so far! I just wanted to start off today by thanking you for reading my posts, it means a lot to me and I’m glad that people are enjoying them! Today I thought I would share with you a poem that is a condensed version of my bucket list. If you would like to see my full bucket list then there is another post on this blog where you can read it.

Bucket List

Visit Melbourne to achieve a degree

In business, I will be a CEO

An international company with money

rolling in

Waves over the Pacific Ocean

To the beach I now call home

Is miles away


I fly to Omaha, Hawaii, Rio

See pyramids, towers, seas

Of faces whizzing past me

I’m only searching for the one

Tall, dark and handsome man

With twinkling eyes

That always hold mine


He said ‘I do’

Want to spend our life together

Our children grow up like sunflowers

Reaching for the sun as it calls to them

Aria and Elle; this is life girls

Live it like a bucket list- just live

Like I really hope I did.


I was inspired by my bucket list to write this poem. I’m a very ambitious person and I wanted to show this through my poem. I believe that the point of live is to enjoy it as well as to live it, which is what I want to do. There isn’t any punctuation at the end of the lines except for a full stop at the very end of the poem. This is because I was trying to show how life goes on; it is there for us to achieve what we want to achieve. I think you should try to do as much as you can before the full stop, which I used to represent my death. Each line runs into the next- the last word connects both lines so my life continues to unfold because there’s not enough time to pause.

Love, Sydney


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