New Year’s Resolutions

Hiya! I still can’t believe it’s 2016, the past year has gone so fast. As it has only just become the New Year, I thought I might as well take a look at my New Year’s resolutions from last year and then come up with some resolutions for this year!

My resolutions from last year:

  1. Be extremely careful – do everything with caution, so as not to break anything
  2. Keep room tidy
  3. Put clothes away immediately
  4. Update Wattpad story weekly until complete
  5. Prepare all book blog posts in advance
  6. Try to write a post once a week for new blog
  7. Stick to reading schedule
  8. Become a proper PLL fan (read all the book/watch every episode)
  9. Try to be nicer to people
  10. Only spend money when necessary
  11. Put more effort into Business Studies
  12. Complete quotation wall at school
  13. Complete Silver Arts Award
  14. Stop snacking (unless it is a special occasion)
  15. Try and eat 5 a day- be more healthy
  16. Exercise more
  17. Take more care with teeth
  18. Improve cleanliness
  19. Be the ultimate Jack and Jack fan!!!
  20. Reply ASAP to letters

So I managed to stick to 55% of my New Year’s resolutions, which I think is fairly good as a lot of people don’t stick to their resolutions!

My resolutions for 2016:

  1. Put clothes away immediately
  2. Write a wattpad story that is frequently updated
  3. Read more often
  4. Actually read all of the PLL books!
  5. Put more effort into Business Studies
  6. Eat less snacks
  7. Try and have a balanced diet with 5 a day
  8. Exercise 3 times a week excluding walking
  9. Write anything and everything as often as possible
  10. Become a better cook

I hope that maybe this will help some people think of some resolutions they would like to make! Also, I hope this shows people that it is possible to stick to some of your resolutions!

Happy New Year- I hope you have a fantastic year!

Love, Sydney


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