Near- Poem

Today’s poem is dedicated to an amazing teacher I had. It is the opposing poem to ‘Gone’.


For the most inspirational teacher ever- Thank you for believing in my poetry. This is the next instalment of ‘Gone’.


Near is that lie we told long along,

Promises that friends did not keep,

Our dreams for a life more than this,

And the much needed time to stop for sleep.


Near is the post man at our door,

An unexpected message from the ones we love,

The celebration of Christmas that we all adore,

And clouds God blows across the sky.


Near is the oxygen we need to live,

To drive our thoughts we are yet to think.

Tears that pave the lines of life,

Cured by smiles, often gone in a blink.


Near is light, so quick we miss it,

Time a concept so strange that never ends,

Children produced minute by minute,

Faster than tomorrow, which never arrives.


Near is hunger that rips through bellies,

Starts World War Three as people grow angry,

Bringing the apocalypse no one tries to stop,

And death, inevitable, it swallows me.


Love, Sydney


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