Book or Movie: which was better?

Happy New Year!!!

Today I shall be answering- ‘Book to movie: Which was better?’ I think I’m going to pick 2 where the movie was better and 2 where the book was better. So first of all, which movies are better than the book?

If I Stay-

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about If I stay before but I actually love it a lot. I cried when I saw the trailer so I decided to read the book before I watched the movie. When I read the book I did like it and I cried twice like I did in the movie, but I felt that nothing much happened, plus it was over too quickly. However, when I watched the movie I was even more moved and it was dragged out in a good way. It just felt like there was more of a point to the story and the flashbacks were interlinked better.


I won’t spend too much time on this because I talk about TFIOS a lot. That is only because it’s so captivating. I had no idea why people were obsessed over the book. To be honest I thought the title was slightly dodgy and irrelevant so I was hesitant to read it in the first place. The movie definitely brought the book to life more. I didn’t actually cry much over the book, just a little bit when Gus died. Every time I see the movie I will definitely cry at three certain points. That’s why I think it’s so amazing, because the movie never fails to make me cry and there’s nothing else that will make me cry repetitively.

Right well which books are better than the movie?

Beautiful Creatures-

Beautiful Creatures was hands down better as a book. When I saw the movie I actually thought it was really good until I read the book. I do still like the movie but compared to the book its crap. How could they leave Marian out? Marian is a key character in the book. I felt as if the movie missed out so many important details of the book. I can’t remember what happens in the book now so I can’t really give specific examples, but it just wasn’t good.

To Kill a Mockingbird-

I was really excited to watch the movie after I read the book. Sadly I was almost falling asleep. The girl that played Jean was just plain irritating to be honest. I am not the biggest fan of black and white movies anyway as I am not used to watching them. It’s definitely a lot more interesting to read about all the different things in the courtroom for example, than to watch people sitting in a courtroom. I was so bored listening to them all in the courtroom. Atticus’s argument felt less effective to me as well.


Love, Sydney


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