Because- Poem

Hello! As previously promised, I am going to share with you a poem I wrote inspired by ‘Because’ by James Franco.


Because I was a girl,

And I just turned sixteen,

Because my hair was fake blonde,

Because I was ‘normal’,

Because I had some nice clothes,

A bunch of girls seemed to be me.


But those girls were bimbos;

I heard they were fake.

The girls- and me- are nothing like that, at all,

And we were still seen as those people.

It was easy to blend in, without being heard

Like a panther slinking; slinking into

the unknown.


And fake blonde girls all bitched on the internet,

I was no different to these girls.

And I couldn’t see the point in changing myself.


But because I was a girl,

Because I was normal,

This was the life I made for myself.


Years later, I decided to look at what I had made,

And I convinced myself I was different,

And I tried to hide the old me,

But she’s the one who stayed after I died.


I hope you enjoyed my version of Franco’s poem! I chose to write this because ‘Because’ is my favourite poem and it was the poem that made me begin to enjoy poetry. The only poem I loved before this was ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore. I tried to copy the style by writing about how society sees me as James Franco did. The first word in each line is the same as the first words in James Franco’s version. I also tried to have the same amount of syllables for each line. There are also some lines inserted into my poem because I want to keep my poem similar to his.

Love, Sydney


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