Why do I choose to be a vegetarian?

Hello! Apologies for not posting over Christmas- I thought I had scheduled my posts, but clearly not! I am going to post all of the posts I missed today, so that I don’t fall behind schedule. So I’m going to start off today with a post that I was supposed to have scheduled for a couple of Sunday’s ago. Today’s post is about why I choose to be vegetarian.

Obviously, many people eat animals all over the world, but a few of us choose not to. I am a proud vegetarian because I believe eating animals is wrong. Many people have asked me why I do not eat animals and I intend to answer that in the remainder of this post. No, I am not allergic to meat and no, I do not eat fish- people that eat fish but not meat are called pescatarians. I simply choose to not eat any form of animal, whether it be meat, poultry or fish.

I am of the opinion that eating animals is wrong because I believe that it is cruel to take the lives of animals that live and breathe like us. If a sheep was to kill me for food, I would not be happy at all. The way I see it, it would be unfair to animals to kill them for food, as I would not like to be treated that way either. Of course, we do not understand animals- we cannot speak their language, but it is not the animals’ fault that they do not speak English. However, we can tell that animals do have feelings of affection, anger and pain. I cannot justify killing a living, breathing and feeling animal just so I can eat it. What if the roles were reversed and pigs and cow started to kill us? How would we feel?

Why is it that we feel justified in killing cows but not justified in killing dogs? This could almost be seen as a mild form of discrimination where we decided to kill some animals and cherish others. I do not think it is acceptable to kill any form of animal for our own personal enjoyment. Many people say to me: “I want to be vegetarian but I would miss bacon too much!” Well, I always respond with “Isn’t it better to sacrifice bacon just so another pig can fulfil its life, satisfied and rolling around in a field?” It is possible to have a healthy, balanced diet without meat. You can still eat pasta and jacket potatoes and a wide array of fruits and vegetables. You can even eat Quorn- so you can still enjoy the taste of sausages and burgers, without the guilt that you are eating an animal. I think it is worth the sacrifice of eating some of your favourite food just so that more animals are able to lead a happy life.

Quite a lot of people tell me that there is no point in being a vegetarian and that I’m not making a difference in the world. However, if every day you put £1 in a jar, by the end of the year you would have £365, which could be used to buy an iPad. What I mean by this analogy is that even though I’m just one person choosing to not eat meat, eventually I am actually contributing to less animals being eaten. I always say that I am making a difference by being a vegetarian because if there were no vegetarians in the world then we wouldn’t be helping animals. By being part of a worldwide group of vegetarians, I am in fact making my own contribution to helping more animals to live. I think animals are such an important part of the world, and we should enjoy the beauty of them by watching them and interacting with them if possible, rather than killing them.

I would like to finish off by saying that this post is not meant to offend anyone in anyway and I accept the fact that a lot of people do eat animals. This is just simply a post to explain why I am a vegetarian.

Thank you and I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Love, Sydney



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