Looking back at 2015!

Hello, and so on to the last post of the day! As it is very close to the arrival of 2016, I thought I would have a look at some of my personal highlights from 2015.

The highlight of January was receiving a signed movie poster from Jack and Jack, which created a fantastic start to the New Year! I also embarked on my silver arts award journey. As a part of this, I was lucky enough to visit The Story Museum in Oxford, which featured a Narnia exhibition- a snow covered land entered through a wardrobe. Afterwards, I visited Friday Live at the Ashmolean Museum that was an event to celebrate the work of William Blake, based on heaven and hell.

February was an even more exciting month, with an enlightening visit to a Buddhist temple. This was a brilliantly insightful trip, where I had the opportunity to meditate with the monks and ask them questions about their daily routines. I absolutely adored my visit to Disneyland with my best friends. One of the best parts was seeing the castle, which was enchanting and magical! There was a parade where I got to see the likes of Cinderella and Tinkerbell. Going on all the rides, such as the flying carpet, brought back the extremely happy memories from my visit ten years prior. Another highlight for me was the Peter Pan ride because the stars in there were really pretty and stars are my favourite thing in the world.

In March I witnessed the rare event of the solar eclipse. This was a spectacular event! In March I also attended Janofest at the SSE Wembley Arena. It was an utterly sensational day in every way. I got to meet David and Katherine Gilinsky and I hugged them both- they were super nice! I got one of my Jack and Jack tops signed and I basically fainted. They looked soooo gorgeous in real life, I don’t even know how I breathed. I was really nervous so I just hugged them a lot and we said I love you to each other, then they thanked me for supporting them. They also asked me if I was coming to the concert and they hoped I enjoyed it. The picture is a bit ugly but G had his arm around me so who cares. The concert was lit and when they sang Tides I cried. They saw the poster that I held up for half an hour!!

The First Give final was held in June. This was an incredible opportunity to raise awareness of Marie Curie Cancer Care. We met some fundraisers and gave them money, which we raised through a hash in memory of my Nanny. It was also at this time that I gained my Silver Arts Award in Literature, which is equivalent to a GCSE qualification. I ran a highly successful event at The Story Museum called Dystopia Day. I recreated the set of Divergent and held many different Divergent based activities. I enjoyed visiting London Zoo with my friends. I got to see the penguins, which were so adorable and I also saw a zorse, which I didn’t even think was real.

My holiday in Bali was fab. I ate spring rolls in front of a volcano, I mean what could be better? I also went on an elephant ride. An unexpected highlight was the white water rafting. There were many temples in Bali. There were MANY temples in Bali. It was actually ridiculous, I visited so many temples. I actually took part in making coffee on one of the plantations and I stayed in a hotel in the jungle.

November was the month of the best day of my life. I saw the Jacks again!! This time was actually really eventful, as I actually talked to them when I met them. Firstly, I hugged Gilinsky and then I held his hand and told him about the poster I made last time when I saw them at Janofest. He asked if he said anything about it and I was told him that he pointed at it and then he said he remembered me and he was like ‘oh that’s so cool’. (Dead at this point) Then I went and hugged Johnson bless him and told him that I went to Janofest. He asked if I enjoyed it and I was like ‘OMG YEA TIDES!’ Andre was then telling us to take the picture and I said can we do the Titanic pose so then G was like ‘do I put my arms out or put my hands on your waist?’ so I said ‘MY WAIST’ and it was so beautiful and afterwards I just hugged them and we said I love you to each other and I just said thank you for making me so happy! I then told them about the scrapbook I made them and Johnson said they’d definitely read it.

Afterwards, I just waited in the front row at the stage with my friends and watched the Jacks meet other people, which was cute. When the Jacks came on stage Johnson was wearing the top I bought him and they kept looking at me and smiling and I touched Johnson when he came off the stage. Before Tides, Gilinsky said: “And even after looking around the room and seeing everybody’s hands up, if you still feel alone, you guys have to know you’ve got two guys up here that will never leave your side.”

I’ve had an absolutely phenomenal year and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings. I’m already very excited for the Jack and Jack concert I’m going to in April! Happy New Year!!

Love, Sydney


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