Book related Christmas presents

CHRISTMAS!!! YES it’s finally that time of year when I can talk about Christmas presents. Well I already got peoples presents at the end of August, but for those of you that have friends that are obsessed with books and haven’t yet got them a present- here’s some ideas!

  1. I haven’t really thought this through but you could write them a book. What I was thinking is you could, well there’s two things I thought you could do. So the first one is write a random book on anything. It could be about you and whoever the presents for or it could be a fan fic, something they’ll enjoy. It doesn’t have to be long at all, but you could print it out with a front and back cover. It would look really good, plus it’s really thoughtful. I don’t care how much my friends spend on me and I especially love it if people make things for me! Right my second idea is to write it on Wattpad. I thought that you could publish a previously written story on Christmas day. You could write a message like “Go to this website *insert Wattpad hyperlink*” and wrap it up in a box for your friend to open. Alternatively, you could publish the story in instalments like an advent calendar with a spectacular finale on Christmas day or publish a brand new complete story.
  2. A pretty obvious thing to do is buy them a book. There’s nothing wrong or boring with buying them a book, they’ll probably be really grateful for it. They can be quite cheap if you get them from a charity shop or second hand on Amazon. If you’re worried about getting them second hand stuff- they probably won’t be bothered; it’s the thought that counts.
  3. Generally, people that like to read also like to write. One of the presents I’ve got a friend is a notebook, so they can write their own bestsellers. Admittedly, I wasn’t thinking about that when I bought it, I just thought it was affordable and pretty. You can get a lot of nice ones in Blott or Paperchase. If you wanted you could buy a plain one and decorate the front cover with photos of you and the receiver of the present or write a message inside.
  4. A DVD that’s a book adaptation is a really good present idea. I buy that quite a lot for people as it is an affordable gift if you get it on or somewhere like that. I know this is supposed to be about book related gifts but you could just get them any DVD. You could do a combination of a book and the movie of the book, which would be quite good if they haven’t read/seen either.
  5. If they are a ‘postery’ person and there’s a poster of the book, then get that. Or print out a picture of the front cover and put it in a frame. Instead of the front cover of the book, if it’s a movie then print out a picture of the present receiver’s favourite actor from that movie. I’ve done that for a lot of people this year. You can get wooden frames from Wilkos for £1; I wrote on the frame as well as adding a Santa hat to the person. Some examples of people that I’ve printed out are: Sam Claflin, Theo James, Josh Hutcherson and Dylan O’Brien                                                                                                                 Bye! I hope my ideas have helped

Love, Sydney


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