Beautiful Book Covers


I apologise but this post is going to be really short, because I’ve been really tired again recently! This post is going to be about beautiful book covers. These are covers that I love and mainly why I bought them. I’m going to put pictures in there but I don’t know if they’ll show up.


We Were Liars

I remember my friend buying this book and telling her that I need it! The sea is so pretty and it looks awesome with the blurring on the front like the camera got wet or there were beautiful rays of sunshine. I’m so glad it had this front cover otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it; it’s now one of my favourite books!


Soulmates is currently one of my three favourite books. I normally buy cheap used books on amazon or get them on my kindle but I saw this in Waterstones and I thought I HAD to have it. Well, it was signed as well so you know, I thought ooh bonus! I absolutely loved the heart and how it lit up in the rain. At that moment in time I just thought ‘wow this looks awesome and it’s romantic’, exactly my kind of book.

When it Happens/ So Much Closer

I saw this book at a book fair in my school library. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I thought the squares made it look really cool. I love this design but I really dislike most of the covers for her over books, which are all amazing reads and examples of why you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover!

So this is the cover for So Much Closer. This is the only other Colasanti book that I’m aware of that’s been published with this design. I think it looks so much better, because it’s got all different things going on with all the little pictures and it’s so sweet.

The day I met Suzie

When I searched for this image just now, I found out that actually most of Chris Higgins books now have this design on the front. I love this design so I’m really pleased. I think it’s really eye-catching/ aesthetically pleasing. It’s also really pretty with the intricate patterns. I like having the people on the front, because I like looking at them and for some reason I just constantly kept looking at the front cover.

Cheerio until next time!

Love, Sydney


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