Should society frown upon age disparity in relationships?


In today’s post I am going to be sharing a piece of discursive writing I had to write at school last year. I will be answering the question: “Should society frown upon age disparity in relationships?”


In Britain we are generally accepting of relationships between homosexuals and people of different races. However, there appears to be many people who find it difficult to accept age disparity in relationships.

It is typical of people to assume that couples with a large age gap are a parent and child because that seems the most likely case to many of us. On X Factor two years ago, Louis Walsh asked a couple with a large age gap if they were father and daughter and perhaps that is why people are against age disparity in relationships because it reminds them of a parent dating their child, which is obviously unacceptable. These couples are not a parent and a child; these couples are together because they are compatible, as well having the same body chemistry. People have different mental ages, so whilst their bodies might not be the same- their minds could be very similar. Of course, some people are more mature than others.

You may argue that the youngest of the couple gets exploited, as they are too young to know what is right and wrong in a relationship. On the other hand, the eldest of the couple could be exploited for their money. As previously mentioned, some people are more mature than others. If both people in the relationship are mature enough, then I do not see how them being in a relationship is an issue. In most relationships with age disparity there is no rape, sugar daddies or she wolves. Putting all relationships with age disparity in that category is like saying all teenagers shoplift, when in fact only a minority do. I can see through the illusion that often, one person in a couple that has a large age gap has the upper hand. This is simply not true as their age does not mean more knowledge necessarily; in a happy relationship both people are equal. Bradley Cooper and Sukhi Waterhouse have an age gap of seventeen years, yet still manage to maintain a safe, happy relationship.

Furthermore, what about the children that come from these relationships- is it fair on them?

Everybody that is a law abiding, respectful citizen should be able to have a child. The child will not be affected, unless their parents cause people to be foul mouthed towards them. This is why prejudice against couples with a large age gap needs to be stopped. Then the only way a child will suffer is if the eldest of the couple dies whilst the child is young. Most of the time, a couple will not have a child if one of them is very old, therefore this is not a serious or relevant issue.

Caroline Flack was traumatised by online trolls who spammed Caroline with hate about her relationship with Harry Styles- who is seventeen years her junior. When Harry has had other relationships his girlfriends, who were all of a similar age to Harry, he did not receive as much hate as Caroline. I think it is unfair that Caroline was treated so badly, and it needs to stop.

If two people are in love and safe, why should they not be together? Obviously, two people cannot be together if the law forbids it but otherwise it would be cruel to keep two people apart. We cannot choose who we love. Therefore it is unfair for society to frown upon two people that love each other, just because they have a large age gap between them.

Age is just a number.


I would just like to say that this was intended to be an insightful piece of writing and was not meant to cause offence to anyone.

Love, Sydney


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