Best and Worst book sequels

Aloha! Right well today I’m doing best and worst sequels. I may have already mentioned some of these books and what I think of them before so sorry. By sequels I mean any book in the rest of a series so I might talk about book 5 in a series of 6 for example.


The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire- Cassandra Clare

I adore The Mortal Instruments. I love all of The Mortal Instruments and City of Heavenly Fire is definitely my favourite. It is just the perfect ending to a sensational series. I can’t believe what happened to Simon and I was so shocked by some of the characters deaths. There was lots of drama and tension but when I read it, it feels ‘homey’ if that’s a thing? Well I just feel comfortable and I really enjoy it, unlike The Infernal Devices; which I love, but I don’t find them as engaging.


Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer

In my opinion, this book was basically a filler book. I wasn’t engaged as much, it was just an unnecessary book. You could have put the half the contents in the other books or just cut it out. I didn’t like how the book focused on Victoria coming back to kill Bella when in the end it took like 5 minutes for Edward to kill her. Victoria’s extremely irritating and I thought it was just utterly predictable in a bad way.


Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers- Cathy Hopkins

Again, this is another book that’s the last in the series. For me, there’s something about the final book in a series! They either make or break the series, it depends on how you tie/ or don’t tie all the loose ends. Personally, I hate cliff hangers- I need to know how everything ends. I loved this book as it combined Mates, Dates with the Truth, dare, kiss or promise series. I liked how they went to the beach, because it was like they were finished with the story and ending it with a holiday.


Allegiant- Veronica Roth

I loved Divergent so much and Insurgent was quite good, but I was so annoyed with the ending. SPOILER ALERT I was so so vexed that Tris died, like what was the point of the whole trilogy if she just died at the end? I really liked Tris as well. It was such a shocking ending; I couldn’t stop crying. If the ending was going to be so dramatic I think Four should have died as well, I don’t like the idea of him living without her.


Catching Fire- Suzane Collins

I strongly dislike The Hunger Games and Mockingjay. However, I have to say Catching Fire was a very good sequel to The Hunger Games. There was a lot more going on in this and it had a vivid storyline. I love the addition of Finnick- he’s great and I love Sam Claflin in the movie. The idea of the clock in the arena was really clever. To be honest, this book on its own is actually fine, I would prefer that to the trilogy. Catching Fire raised the reputation of The Hunger Games overall for me.


Bridget Jones’s Diary: Mad about the boy- Helen Fielding

Before I even read this book, I was really annoyed that it was actually written in the first place. I was satisfied with the ending of the second book and I was glad that Mark and Bridget ended up together. I thought I would give the book the benefit of the doubt, but I was utterly upset to find out that SPOILER ALERT Mark Darcy had died. I didn’t particularly like Mark but I thought it was nice that she was with him. There was a lot in the book about Bridget’s issues with modern things such as technology, which I didn’t find entertaining. I think that is just so overdone- what happened to the Bridget that was alcohol/fag orientated?!

Hopefully see you next week!

Love, Sydney


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