Gone- Poem

Hello! Today’s poem is called ‘Gone’. I hope you like it!


Gone is the Sphinx’s nose,

Lady Liberty’s copper glow,

David’s set of fancy clothes,

And Big Buddha’s view of this world.


Gone is The Little Mermaid’s sea shell top,

Maoi’s flowing golden hair,

Portal Maya’s chance to be alone,

And The Thinker’s ability to break free from thought.


Gone is the oxygen in Christ the Redeemer’s arms,

The uprightness of The Tower of Pisa,

Fighting spirit in Nelson’s eyes,

And the rainbow from St. Basil’s Cathedral.


Gone is the blood thirsty Coliseum crowd,

Emotion of Mount Rushmore’s presidents,

Victorian people below Big Ben,

And slow pace of a Charging Bull.


Gone is Abraham’s eager energy,

Beguiling arms of Aphrodite,

Light that travelled from burnt out stars,

And soon all life that’s on our planet.


Love, Sydney


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