The Story Museum Review

The Story Museum review

Here is a short review of a brilliant museum in Oxford!

I was extremely excited to visit The Story Museum and I am not disappointed at all with what I have seen! The exhibits are one of a kind and I was astounded in particular by Narnia. It was an amazing experience to visit each room as well as partake in activities such as dressing up then ascending the throne.

To expand the museum’s target audience to teenagers, I think it’s important to have exhibits for well-known and much loved YA books such as The Fault in Our Stars, Twilight, Divergent or The Hunger Games. The Fault in Our Stars is a huge phenomenon amongst young adults so I think the museum would do well to run events based around it. Potentially, there could be a group or club held in ‘the heart of Jesus’! Another thing teens/ young adults like in general is food. There could be a large space to read and eat food. The food would be the headline of the event, as that would attract people to come.

Also, I noticed that there wasn’t any music playing. I know that the music may conflict with the story telling, but I would like it to be incorporated somehow. There should also be more/better advertising because I was unaware that The Story Museum even existed- but it is a fantastic place! Overall, The Story Museum is an outstanding place with lots of potential!

Love, Sydney


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