My Favourite Star- Poem

Hello! Today’s post is a poem I wrote my Mum. I hope you enjoy it!

My Favourite Star


For Mum- Thank you for believing in my poetry, I love you.


You’ve fought so many battles

Taught me to be strong

To be who I am.

You believe in me,

When I don’t know how to.



Your eyes full of kindness

Knowledge about life and me

How to cheer me up.

You make me chuckle

You make my life better.



I can tell you anything.

I love you more

Than anything.

My guardian angel-

Who rights my wrongs.



When I’m scared,

You say ‘It’s okay’-

I know it will be

With you beside me

Looking extremely beautiful.



Thank you for being

Always by my side.

You are my life,

I love you



Love, Sydney


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