Romeo and Juliet- Poem

Hello! Today’s post is a 100 word poem, summarising the plot of Romeo and Juliet. I hope you enjoy it!


Young Romeo’s tortured gaze,

Lands upon his sweet love’s face.

In which he sees their sacred vows,

Cursed by family, crushed by rows.


A love forbidden upon first sight-

Though Romeo had seen true beauty that night.

Two lovers that were not meant to be,

Tried to conquer love’s difficulty

But alas- Juliet was soon to remarry!

Tension peaked between both families.


Exile follows an untimely death,

Leaving Romeo to take his last breath.

When Juliet’s eyes finally part,

The raised dagger cuts into her heart

Severing hatred that has long run deep,

Putting the families’ ancient feud to sleep.


Love, Syndey



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