Hello and welcome to my first diary type post! I thought it would be interesting to sometimes write about a day in my life. Today I am writing about the day I went to Janofest, which was a stunning music event held at Wembley Arena on the 21st March. A whole host of stars played the arena from Luke Friend to The Janoskians.

Before the event started, there was a chance to meet and greet The Janoskians and Jack and Jack. I was lucky enough to meet Jack and Jack (consisting of vine stars Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky), which was the most incredible experience of my entire life. Once inside the building, we only had to wait half an hour and we got to meet David Gilinsky (Jack Gilinsky’s Dad) so the whole process was very quick and entertaining!

We were taken upstairs in groups of five, so it was a more intimate experience, which I loved. The only downside was that we were not allowed to bring our phones, presents and posters in with us. As I waited for the other girls in my group to meet Jack and Jack I got to talk to Jack Gilinsky’s parents, so I was having a brilliant time before I even met Jack and Jack. I think it was good that we could see them but had to wait a few minutes to meet them so we had time to compose ourselves.

Meeting Jack and Jack was absolutely incredible. I would definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s so lovely to spend time with the boys. I was allowed to hug (throw myself at) them as well as have a normal conversation with them. Meeting your heroes is amazing because you get to tell them how much they mean to you and they can tell you how much they love you. There was also a photo opportunity so you can have a souvenir of your experience. The event was planned out really well because we had a good amount of time with them, as they really care about their fans; they made sure we had enough time to talk to them and hug them another ten times.

The next part of the event was the concert itself. I don’t think this was planned particularly well because they were understaffed, ran overtime and couldn’t control the mass of screaming teenage girls. When we were finally seated we had to wait a while for the show to start so I was not that impressed at that point. I think most people were only aware that Jack and Jack and The Janoskians were the only acts playing that night, so it came as a complete surprise when Luke Friend came on stage. In general, I think most Janoskians fans dislike Luke Friend’s type of music so I don’t think he was well suited to the event. It was also irritating because I just wanted to see Jack and Jack perform.

Colin Key, an American magician, came on stage twice and Australian singer Faydee performed. There were gaps between each gap which meant the event stopped and started a lot. I think Colin Key was a strange choice because he is not a singer so I felt that he did not fit well with the event. Also, I would guess that no one knew who Faydee was so I think he was another poor choice in the line-up. By the end of Faydee’s performance I was highly irritated because it felt like I had been waiting ages for Jack and Jack to come on and I’d given up hope.

When Jack and Jack finally came on the stage to ‘Flights’, the whole mood of the arena shifted. The arena was suddenly a mass of writhing teenage girls screaming and crying. Jack and Jack played eight of their biggest hits, which I think was a good choice but I would have switched ‘Paradise’ with ‘Groove’ because ‘Groove’ gets everybody dancing. Jack and Jack interacted with the audience really well, getting them to wave their arms in the air and dance. There was so much energy- it was insane! I also liked how Jack and Jack made more appearances when James Yammouni (member of The Janoskians) played a DJ set and when The Janoskians played pranks of each other. I think it was a really good idea to have James play a set before the rest of The Janoskians came on because it kept the crowd wild and built the anticipation.

I was not expecting The Janoskians to be particularly amazing, but I have to say they performed live brilliantly! The boys brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the arena, so no one could stay sat down. We were constantly jumping around to their songs or waving our posters in the air. The audience could vote for pranks on Twitter, win prizes and five lucky girls even got to dance on stage with the boys during ‘LA Girl’. It was nice that the boys mixed their songs with other activities such as ‘Dare Sundays’, ‘Dirty Pigs’ and Zorb contests. The best part of the evening was the encore of ‘Best Friends’ when all the acts came back on stage, which was a perfect finish to a perfect event. Overall it was a phenomenal night!

Love, Sydney


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